Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unruly Raspberries

When we first moved to the 18 acres, it was over run with blackberries.
Years of spraying Round-up, weed eating and digging out roots,
finely brought them under control.

One row of blackberries was left on the fence line, on the far side of 
the property and gives us nice blackberries for most of the summer.
So!  When JS got a wild hair to plant raspberries in my garden, 
"I was none to happy"

It's not like he spends a lot of time in the garden.  Shoot!
I'm not sure he even knows were the garden is ? 

They've been planted for a year now.  He did have one of the workers put in
 the metal post and today Shane drilled the holes and I ran the guide wires.

"How much you want to bet, JS will never notice?"  ;))


Crystal said...

Haha I bet he doesn't either, as long as raspberries start to appear he will be happy ;)

lisa said...

I love rasberries and we have some on the property that is right next to ours and have free rain on being able to pick them when we want! I have to agree with Crystal too!