Friday, February 25, 2011

From My Front Portch


Yep................... it's snowing. All week the weatherman
has been telling us that we were going to get snow on
the valley floor and the chances are looking good.

We're at about 900 ft. HWY 70 up the canyon I hear
is closed and Chains required over Donner Pass.
Severe freeze warnings for the valley in the morning.

Big difference from yesterdays post and
there will be no trips to the cabin this weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

"Spring is when you feel like whistling
even with a shoe full of slush".


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is Oroville, Video

This is just for fun, the other day on face book a friend posted this video,
by Scott Uribe. I'm sure you'll recognize the tune by "Sting", the words are
by Steve Herman who also singer. Mr. Herman was one of the teachers who
taught at my kids middle school and would sing this at every 8Th grade graduation.

Our town has changed some, Kmart has been replaced be Wal-Mart, we
have two Taco Bells and the salmon run is now celebrated with
The Salmon Festival.......Enjoy a little glimpse of our town.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Stills, Old Churches and Graveyards

At first I wasn't sure were to go with this challenge.
Both sides of my family and JS's families have a lot of
history here, but decided to show others history.

You wouldn't have know it existed, if in 2000 the
rock walls and bronze plaques had not been
build by decedents to honor family members.
No headstones or names will be found here.
It is the Chinese cemetery established in 1850
during the Gold Rush. A few museums and miles
of rock walls are all that is left of the Chinese
culture in the the Gold Fields.

The second is the Jewish cemetery also established
during the Gold Rush, ten years later in 1859.
This pristine little cemetery is always picture
perfect and both reminds us that our town during a
time in history was at the cross roads of the world.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Going on Around Here

Six week of spring spoiled us, now we have winter again. It started raining last Monday. It didn't rain on the days the weather man said it would and did on the days he said it wouldn't.
Lots of snow in the mountains, a friend is up at their cabin (close to ours) and reported 5 ft. of new snow. The hills on the other side of lake are white as well. Not sure what this week will be weather wise.

JS is feeling better, he's been sick all week. Not fully recovered yet and I'm fighting it. JS is a good guy.....but he's like a lit rocket most of the time and I'm just trying to keep my hair from catching on fire in the after burners. For the most part our life is pretty much like every one else's. Time divided up between work, to do's and social calendar. With the occasional surprise thrown in and at times one day running into the next.

Our Social calendar is either feast or famine, a week ago Friday my lady's group was hosting a Bunco fundraiser. JS and the crew were scheduled to work after hours on a job remodel. The same night was also the Red Meat Dinner for the Cattlemen's and Cattle women's. "Someone" called JS to get a head count for the dinner. JS called me to find out "Why aren't we going to the Red Meat Dinner"? "Because.........your working and I going to be at Bunco." JS "But I really like going to the Red Meat Dinner".........WE..............decided to meet at 7 for the Red Meat Dinner.
(No cocktail hour though!)......................... Then JS went back to work and I returned to Bunco.

Another thing about JS, if the normal time allows two thing to be done, you can bet he's going to shove something else in the time slot. For now nothing planned for this week. If it rains I'll work on taxes and if it's nice I'll be outside. Guess which way I'm leaning?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Was Wooed......................

Saturday when JS and I were in Reno, we checked
out the Scheels Sporting Goods store
that friends had told us about.

It's huge........You walk in under arched aquariums.

Two of them, one fresh water and the other salt water.
"All Shinny and Sparkly"

Mounted animals every were you look !

Western Art and this Rustic Fireplace !

Got my head spinning. " I was in Love................."

They even had these ??? !!!

and a Ferris Wheel !

Then JS asked "Do you want to go to Cabela's?

Heck Ya!, Lets Go!....the romans was over.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts, I'm Still Here

"Though" I better stop by and let you know we're
still alive and kicking around here.
Well... one of us is, JS is sick in bed.
It's pouring rain (that's a good thing) so I'm
upstairs in the office, pulling papers out of files
for the tax man and waiting for a call from Mon,
to go help her and the vet with a prolapsed ewe.
If you don't know what that is don't ask !
and there will be no pictures.
I'll try to get you all caught up this weekend.

If you look real close the photo is of a group
of Tom Turkeys over in the neighbors.
My little camera does a pretty good
job, but just can't pull in real close.
Talk to you soon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Adventures of Ranch Dog and Her Sidekick George

Saturday JS and I had to go to Reno, Nevada for the
day to pick up a cabinet for an outside kitchen job.
We left early for the 3.5 hour drive. The plan was to
spend the day, have lunch and go by the Cabela's store.
Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but George is
spending a few days with us, so he and Ranch Dog
had to be penned up. Ranch Dog by herself could
have been left loose. George however has some
social issues.

We have a big run for them, that was the sheep pen
when the kids had market lambs. I needed to
have the orange trees in the big run pick, so they
both had to be put in the little run.
This mess is what I found when we got home,
It looked like someone has plucked a goose.

Neither one of them has owned up to it.

Sunday Stills, Spring Preview

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

Men are lake fine wine. They all start out like grapes,
and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in
the dark until they mature into something you'd
want to have dinner with.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not the Plan

All this nice weather, I've been outside cleaning up the
after winter messes. (after winter?) Raking and burning.

Sprinkler heads marked so we can mow the
horse pasture, it's our summer feed.

Every things been getting a hair cut, a take no prisoners,
show no mercy attack on the yard.

Dormant stray on the garden fruit trees and would like
to start getting the garden worked up.

All ready to start spraying Roundup, but had to make a
run to Chico yesterday for a new pump (#%*$$$!!!)
and today the winds blowing. Setting here doing
paper work was not the plan.

Not that I don't like talking to you, but
I've got Spring Fever bad and this little preview isn't
going to last, winter will back in March.

Sunday, February 6, 2011