Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Dad's Saddle

This is Dad's saddle.  I posted pictures of it for this last Sunday Still's
 challenge and was going to write about it, but tears came easier then words.

It's a working man's saddle, no silver or frills.   Built strong for ranch roping
and comfort.  It's smooth to the touch, almost soft from the countless hours he rode it
and carries a few battle scares.

Dad had it custom built in the late 60's a necessary extravagant's for a 
ranch manager, only making  $400.00 a month.  One of the few
prized positions he allowed himself and still beautiful.

It was the last saddle he ever rode, it is the saddle I ride and tough my kids on.
  I hope someday it will find it's was onto the back of some old 
gentle horse, with his great grand kids in tow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Last Thursday our water district "South Feather Water & Power.
held their annual tour.  The morning began with an amazing continental
breakfast.  Then the group sat for an illustrated history of the district
and the route our water takes to get to our homes.

The tour caravanned to the base of the Oroville Dam, were we 
gathered for the first demonstration.  "A Miners Inch"  the open ditches 
in the district were originally build and used by the miners for their gold clams.

A board put across the ditch, with a one inch sq. hole cut in it, six inches below
 the high water line, determined the amount an cost.  As time past, the water in the
 ditches became irrigation and house water. Once dirt are now lined with concrete. 

There are thousands of miles of these ditches, some in use and many 
abandoned running though the Sierra mountains.

 Our second stop, was the treatment plant and then on to Sly Creek Reservoir 
for a BBQ lunch.  Sly Creek is the second reservoir in our water source.
Little Grass Valley Reservoir is the first and Lost Creek is the third.
All man made and snow pack fed.

After lunch we were taken to one of the power houses,
for a very informative tour..............amazing !
 No Photos, Sorry.... The treatment plant and the power plants can't 
allow photos, since 9-11.  

Let me just say the tour was fantastic and I would encourage anyone who
has a chance "To Go"   It will give you a new appreciation the next time
 you turn on your faucet and to see the beautiful lakes your 
water comes from.  For more Information go to

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turkeys and Two Years

Finely, able to get close enough to the turkeys to get some good shots

Had the camera out taking random pictures last week and just happened 
on them out in the orchard.  It was a little hard sneaking up on them in the
dry grass........................ I was turkey  stalking !!!

I saved them for now, thought it was only fitting to post them for the 
two year anniversary of my blog.  Turkeys were the subject, of one
of my very first post and these photos are so much better. 

Their fun to watch and kind of pretty,
 "In a bag over their head kind of way."  

I don't think most people have ever seen all the colors they have in their, green, blue, purple, orange and so on.

I enjoy all the wildlife here and sure feel lucky to live where I do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mayberry Kind of Town

Monday, I got the day off.  JS had business up in Plumas County,
so I rode along.  Our town Oroville is at the bottom of the Feather 
River Canyon.  Quincy is at the top of the canyon about 75 miles
 and the county seat for Plumas.  I love the drive up the canyon.

When I was in junior high and high school we lived in Sierra Valley just to
 the East of Quincy and had to drive though it to visit family.
 So it's been apart of my life for a long time.

It's a Mayberry kind of town,  Beautiful old court house and park 
right in the middle of town.  A monument to the Veterans for all to see.
Original old building along main street, with all their rustic charm
and don't forget to stop at the "Polka Dot" for a burger and cold drink.

A high mountain valley town that saw it's hay day in the gold rust and 
 the logging boom.  And has always been home to fat horse and cows.
It is beautiful here, I have always thought it would be a nice place to retire to.

One of my favorite parts, is dropping over into the Thompson Valley,
and day dreaming about the ranch there and if it were mine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Western States Horse Expo 2012

Last Friday I tagged along with Tammy to Sacramento to the Horse Expo.
WOW !!! What an event, everything you can think of for Western or
English riders, or for those who just enjoy horses.  
A little girls dream come to life.

We sat in on a demonstration of "Colt Starting" by Chris Cox.
He had a horse with a lot of bad habits, including throwing itself over
 backward.  By the end of the class, he had it saddle and stepping up on her.

Bernie Traurig member of the USA Equestrian team, was the second 
class we watched.  He demonstrated the different positions for jumping.

There were plenty of venders to sell, tack for your horse or tack for you.
with or without "Bling"  Lots of bling, it became a joke.

"Why work your horse in the arena, when you can work your horse on the corner"

There was everything to put in your horse, on your horse or put your horse in.
Feed, barns, saddle makers, book writers, artist and stuff
Tammy had to explain to me.
"Man !!!.....I'm I .......Old School"

This was cool!  Grow your own feed in a box.
Simple version.....put barley seed in one end and in six days,
it comes out the other side as sprouts for your horse.   

And of course horses,  every size, shape, color and breed.
It was a great day and I had fun. Saw a lot of nice things and horses.
"Thank You Tammy"

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Horsing Around

Last week I started helping my friend Tammy with her two yearlings.
You might remember the story I posted last year. 
 I would give you the date and title of that post if I could have found it.
"Note to self, a good reason for labeling post"


Tammy sent Cole and Zoe to a trainer for 30 days for basic training 
and what a nice job he did.  They lead, back up, load in the trailer, 
you can tie them, pick up their feet, touch their heads and brush their tails, 
the things that make life easy.  They're still babies and will be doing
 baby things for awhile I'm sure, but their not trying to set in your lap.


The past week we had them going threw a course that Tammy
had set up.  Plus loading and "backing" out of the trailer and one 
night we made them stand in one place for about 15 minutes.

Sunday we took them to their first horse show.
No allusions about taking home blue ribbons and prices.  This was
 all about getting them comfortable riding in the trailer, being
 away from home and each other and socializing them to the elements.  
"Other horses, moving vehicle, moving kids, moving dogs,
loud noises and moving loud noises."

No small animals, children, yearling or yearling handlers were
hurt during this experiment.  It wasn't a piece of cake, but there 
were no wrecks and we weren't  told not to come back....LOL
All and all a successful day.

We each showed in two halter classes.  Tammy showed Cole and
 I showed Zoe.           "This was our competition!"
Not that we were their competition, but they knew we were in the ring!

I threw this photo in for fun.  Real tail or fake tail ? 
It's fake, they put extensions on them. 
 Has to be a "California" thing

This is just for fun also.  I ride western,
 but I kind of like the little stairs.
Tammy has the two signed up for another show in July.
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Stills, Blue

This week, we were to think outside of the box.

My box was locked and I couldn't get out.

Since I missed the last few challenges, I didn't want to 
miss this week too.   So, here they are,
not to creative, but blue!    ;)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Words of Inspiration.....?

The kitchen garden is in and done.  Tomatoes, summer squash,
green beans, cucumbers, water melons, bell peppers and more.

 We've been enjoying strawberries and JS's raspberries everyday.
Even planted an herb garden, oregano, Italian parsley,
"Sage, Rosemary and Thyme"
A little Simon and Garfunkel,  for you oldies.

                              to help my garden to reach it's maximum potential,
I have one of those inspirational carved rocks.