Tuesday, June 26, 2012


 Last Thursday our water district "South Feather Water & Power.
held their annual tour.  The morning began with an amazing continental
breakfast.  Then the group sat for an illustrated history of the district
and the route our water takes to get to our homes.

The tour caravanned to the base of the Oroville Dam, were we 
gathered for the first demonstration.  "A Miners Inch"  the open ditches 
in the district were originally build and used by the miners for their gold clams.

A board put across the ditch, with a one inch sq. hole cut in it, six inches below
 the high water line, determined the amount an cost.  As time past, the water in the
 ditches became irrigation and house water. Once dirt are now lined with concrete. 

There are thousands of miles of these ditches, some in use and many 
abandoned running though the Sierra mountains.

 Our second stop, was the treatment plant and then on to Sly Creek Reservoir 
for a BBQ lunch.  Sly Creek is the second reservoir in our water source.
Little Grass Valley Reservoir is the first and Lost Creek is the third.
All man made and snow pack fed.

After lunch we were taken to one of the power houses,
for a very informative tour..............amazing !
 No Photos, Sorry.... The treatment plant and the power plants can't 
allow photos, since 9-11.  

Let me just say the tour was fantastic and I would encourage anyone who
has a chance "To Go"   It will give you a new appreciation the next time
 you turn on your faucet and to see the beautiful lakes your 
water comes from.  For more Information go to 

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Crystal said...

Its amazing to think how they could build that so ingeniously to work for so many people. We have a coal plant near us and I would love to tour it, but I dont think they do tours anymore.