Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Modern Farming

Farming today, is such a high-tech business.
Consisting of sensitive measuring devices.

The newest in fertilizer application equipment.

And a Hope and a Prayer.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


After two days at the home show, JS and I were ready for some R&R.
One of our favorite places to visit is the World Show Case at the
 Disney Epcot Park.  It's only half of the Epcot Park and is make up of
 11 pavilions.  France, Morocco, Japan, Italy, Germany, Chins, Mexico, 
Canada, Norway, United Kingdom and The American Adventure.
Each country is staffed with it's native peoples in traditional dress.

The entire park is fashioned to give you a sample of what you may 
experience if you were to visit that county and plays off their history.
It is truly a magical place, beautiful landscapes  and buildings, music
 surrounds you all day.  No shortage of great restraints, making you want
 to eat in every country "and we did !!  It's an experience for the senses.  

We started in France,(above) wondering threw the shops.

More of the same in Morocco.

Japan, had an interesting museum on animation,
from ancient to modern times.

The American Adventure Show, brings you face to face with our
Founding Fathers and their vision for our county.

Visit to Italy for a cup of coffee.

Then a stay in Germany, were it's Oktoberfest every day.
Lunch, cold beer, and a place to put our feet up for some people watching.
The fronts of the buildings are giant working clocks,
with music, chimes and moving charters.

We enjoyed the "Reflections of China" a video journey.

A boat ride threw Mexico is fun and the Mexican folk Art Gallery.
"How I missed taking a picture of the Mexico Pavilion is beyond me ?"

"O Canada" takes you on a 360 degree circle visual across the vast 
landscapes and cities of our neighbor to the north.

Ops ! missed pictures of Norway too. 

Last but definitely not least, the United Kingdom.
Just in time for dinner at the Rose and Crown, English Pub.
Cold beer and Fish and Chips while the Hat Lady played piano.

The grand finally was the amazing light and fireworks show, 
held each night over the lake in the center of the park.
   The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Definetly put Epcot on your list of must do.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Looking Back

While JS was doing his thing at the home show, I spotted this beauty.
It belongs to Wells Fargo Bank.

It was all shiny and sparkly and I couldn't resist getting up close.
People standing around, admiring it, were commenting what 
it had to have been like to take a trip aboard one.

All I could think of were the dirt road in the mountains,
that we've been on, that started as stage coach roads.
"I think I would have been doing a lot of walking."

Trying to climb up and out of it with all those long dresses, of the day,
 I'm sure was also a true joy.   It's good to be a modern woman. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

The International Builders Show

Last week JS and I took a few days and flew to Orlando, Florida.
JS like to attend the Builders Show every two or three years to keep
 up on the newest products and trends in the industry.  It's fun to go,
 but it's like walking into a 3-commercial, with the hard sell on high.

Everything you can imagine, to put in, on, under or atop of a house is here.

From lighting your home the old fashion way or with a modern tough.

Wood, rock, metal and lots of things that look like wood rock and metal.

You can heat your home, your deck, the beach 

or you !

Plumbing fixtures are always a big draw.  Faucets that only need to be 
touched to turn on.  Shower heads that light up and toilets with heated seats.

Big deep tubs, you can sink up to your eyeballs in
are the jewels of the plumbing world.

Double doors, sliding doors, doors you can write on , doggy doors,
doors that look like bookcases, garage doors and beautiful doors.

Don't forget "Green" solar, wind or make your own 
electricity with a home generator.

Or try out a new Ford, Chevy or Dodge truck and of course no home
 show would be complete without the newest in hammers, nail guns
 and OSHA  approved safety equipment.

"We had a great time"  but I have to tell you, JS and I didn't come away
with a very good feeling about the feature of custom home building.
This is usually a big shopping trip for JS, locking in unites of lumber at a set
 price, pallets of nails and other supplies that would be used form job to job.

The show was only half the size of previous years, with none of the big pavilions.
No lumber companies, no appliances, none of the big window companies like
 Anderson or Marvin and Pella shared a small booth with two other companies.
Kohler was the only plumbing outfit, no Delta or American Standard. 
 No Paint CO. at all, and after talking to contractors from all over the US,
it's not going to get better any time soon.  Something has to change.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh! Poop!

I seem to have lost my flickr feed, not sure what
 happened and it won't reload on to my blog.

 So, going to have to work on that when I have time.
Here's a few photos from our trip and will be 

 taking you to the International  Home show tomorrow.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Flowers for Crystal


I've been slacking on my blog, but work comes first then fun
and since blogging doesn't pay any bills, it's under the fun category.

Speaking of fun, JS and I are going to be gone for a while.
The International Home Builders Show, 
so I'll have lots to show and tell when we get home.

Before I go, I wanted to give a big Thank You to Crystal, the writer
 of Ranch Riding.  She writes about her ranching life and her horses
(one of witch I would like to have in my pasture) in Canada and is a frequent
 visitor and commenter here.   A couple of weeks ago Crystal awarded
 me the "Lidbster Blog Award" ( it means Dearest or Favorite in German)

So Crystal, these flowers are for you.
You can enjoy them every day and you don't have to water them.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter ???

By now, I'm usually suffering from cabin fever.
Longing to be outside, doing anything !

Dodging the rain and trying to keep the mud in the laundry room to a minimum.

It's hard to complain when the sun is shinning everyday and it's in the 60's.
What I'm suffering from now is a lack of rain and snow.

No rain for my yard and no snow for my snowmobile.

The only thing Mother Nature seems to have right, 
is that the Quince is in bloom.