Monday, February 6, 2012

Flowers for Crystal


I've been slacking on my blog, but work comes first then fun
and since blogging doesn't pay any bills, it's under the fun category.

Speaking of fun, JS and I are going to be gone for a while.
The International Home Builders Show, 
so I'll have lots to show and tell when we get home.

Before I go, I wanted to give a big Thank You to Crystal, the writer
 of Ranch Riding.  She writes about her ranching life and her horses
(one of witch I would like to have in my pasture) in Canada and is a frequent
 visitor and commenter here.   A couple of weeks ago Crystal awarded
 me the "Lidbster Blog Award" ( it means Dearest or Favorite in German)

So Crystal, these flowers are for you.
You can enjoy them every day and you don't have to water them.



Crystal said...

Thank you for the flowers, makes my winter more cheerful when I see flowers on here :)

lisa said...

I know what you mean, school has been number one and this is the first time in a few days that I have even tried to go visit everyone's blog and do a quick post on mine. Love the flowers!