Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Looking Back

While JS was doing his thing at the home show, I spotted this beauty.
It belongs to Wells Fargo Bank.

It was all shiny and sparkly and I couldn't resist getting up close.
People standing around, admiring it, were commenting what 
it had to have been like to take a trip aboard one.

All I could think of were the dirt road in the mountains,
that we've been on, that started as stage coach roads.
"I think I would have been doing a lot of walking."

Trying to climb up and out of it with all those long dresses, of the day,
 I'm sure was also a true joy.   It's good to be a modern woman. 


Janice said...

Probably was a horrific ride...but it is sure a thing of beauty.

Shirley said...

Yeah but back then the men would actually help a woman in or out of a carriage....

Mary Ann said...

I think that would have been one bumpy ride in the heat or cold!