Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Come Take A Walk With Me.

I want to show you around the farm, it's so beautiful.
Some of my favorite trees are the Liquid Amber, that we planned 
when we first moved here and this one greets
 you at the front gate.

It's amazing how one tree can have so many different color leaves.

The Oranges are showing color as well and
 will be ready to pick in mid December.

The giant Tulip tree, was here before us, I love it's fall color and
 it's beautiful spring flower.  It towers over the  yard

 The pomegranates bright red fruit among it's gold leaves, 
glows in the sunlight.  More Liquid Amber around the house.

Red, Gold, Orange, Black, Yellow, Purple. 
I never get tiered of looking at them, or taking pictures.

 Dogwood next to where I park, is at beautiful now, as it is 
it's covered with white flowers.   The big Maple at the front
 door, fills the window of my office on the second floor.

Last but not least is the Japanese Maple 
viewed from the kitchen window.

I enjoyed our walk.



Shirley said...

Totally lovely! Your place looks like a park, so well kept. I hope you show us the Tulip tree when it flowers next time.

Terry and Linda said...

Your place is just lovely! I also am very glad for the sign up to follow button..I have signed up! Now I will know when you post!!!


4RRanch said...

Beautiful trees. I've never heard of a liquid amber tree.
Our leaves just turned brown and fell off this year, disappointing to not have fall color.

Crystal said...

Very pretty colors, ours are ling done but we are sure seeing some pretty ones here in texas this week

lisa said...

Beautiful! We love pomegranates!