Friday, November 15, 2013

Shopping JS Style

Pretty around here, haven't had any big winds or rains,
 so it still looks like fall.   Last week was mostly uneventful
 and I was beat after the Conclave weekend.  Did go to the eye doc.
 Had a piece of glitter in my eye from the flower arrangements.  

This week has been a little more lively.  Tagged along with JS
 to preview a bank sale at a local tile and granite warehouse. 
 Daughter Dawn came along, she had the day off and Biscuit.
Picked out granite slabs and unites of tile flooring.

This is what I'm hoping to get for the new cabin.  I really like 
the tile flooring that look like hard wood and  the granite
 on the right is what we pick out for the kitchen counter tops.

Dropped off the girls and headed to Dixon to the concrete
 bock plant.  JS bought three truck loads of seconds and
 I got to get the paver blocks, I've been wanting
 for the kitchen garden walkways.  Pretty happy about that.

Tuesday went to the County Supervisors meeting over the
 pot growers in out area,  that was a waste of my time.  
Then made it to the Cattlewomen's meeting to
report about, what a waste of my time it was. 
"Not Happy At All Over It"

Wed and Th had the Biscuit and tried to catch up on things
 around here.  Yesterday the online auction was going all day,
 on the tile and granite slabs.  Trying to watch a a baby and
 an action, to submit bids was a bit tricky.  They where
 both determined to have my attention at the same time.

JS is going to the mountains this weekend. 
  I,m staying home to clean out the garden shed  
and make a big sweep on the yard and put things away 
before it rains.  They say it's going to happen.



Far Side of Fifty said...

The one on the right is really pretty. I hope you got it. Great job multitasking! Leave it to a woman to get the job done and the baby cared for! :)

Terry and Linda said...

Sam would you put a follow by email button on your site so I follow? I feel like I miss out on lots!


Shirley said...

Really nice granite and tile.

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