Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bits and Pieces of August

The day to day is pretty much the same. 
 Get up, have coffee, see JS out the door, do morning choirs,
then the day is wide open to do the fun things in life.
Irrigate, work for JS, clean house, watch Baby, 
"You get it"

 Most every weekend is spent in the mountains,
working on the cabin/lodge.   We leave here on Friday night
 after work, drive the hour and 15 min. ......  check out the 
progress on the new cabin for that week and kick back with
 a cold beer and take in the view.   Spend all day Saturday 
working and head home at dark.......   By the end of this
 month the whole thing will be insulated and sheet rocked.
I have to admit, I'm looking forward to winter for a break.

We did have some fun this past week. 
Thursday night we attended the Butte County Fair,
Corn Dogs, Cold Beer, took in the Team Roping, visited with
 lots of people, we only seem to see at the fair.  Then a walk
 through the beef barns, spent a lot of years there with our kids.

Saturday I went back to the fair for the Jr Livestock Auction.
JS wanted to buy some of the FFA and 4-H kids animals.
In the middle of all the bids, big smiles, tears and noise,
the Auctioneer challenged our Congressmen Doug  LaMalfa
to kiss a pig for charity.  The local VFW was pick to receive the 
donations and the hat was passed around the audience.
Over a $1,000.00 was raised.  
 LaMalfa even put on lipsticks to kiss the pig.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rabbit Creek

A trip to the mountains today, was a nice change.
The electricians wanted to do a final walk though on the cabin
and to make sure they had everything we had talked about done.

Daughter Dawn had to drive me,  my truck has been running hot.
I asked JS to check it out for me before I took off this morning.
It had no water in it......   Yikes !!!!!  

Dawn had taken off work today, because her daycare person 
was going to the mountains.   It actually worked out well.
Dawn is my personal decorator. 
 It was nice to be able to run ideas by her.

On our way home we stopped in La Porte for lunch, 
at the Rabbit Creek Deli.  During the gold rush
La Porte was called Rabbit Creek and the 
Union Hotel is one of the few buildings 
left from that time.  Nice Day.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photo Date with Sister Cindy

Sunday, Cindy call to see if I wanted to go with her to shoot the moon.
Heck Ya!   Photo dates with Sister Cindy are always fun.

She picked me up at 7 and we headed out to the After Bay in the valley,
thinking we would have a wide view of the mountains and open sky's.
Once there, the view wasn't quite as grand as imagined.  Plan B !
Took the road north, till we came to the dirt part of Nelson Ave.
Followed it east, to the top of the ridge, overlooking the  Fore Bay,
Table Mt and the dam.  This was a great spot.

Now, where to setup ?
Lucky for us, there had been a fire.  The fence had been cut for the dozer
to go through.   They even had a nice fire break graded, so we didn't 
have to stand in tall dry grass and a flat spot for our tripods.
Thanks CDF     California Department of Forestry 

After the right spot had been marked (a line in the dirt)
we retrieved our gear.  All setup and ready!
and then the moment we anticipated.

The truth is the moon wasn't all that super and it didn't take long 
for other shiny things to catch our eye.

Fun night, time with Cindy is always great,
 we learned somethings and had a lot of laughs.


PS...   See the little floating things in my photos?
They're not on my lens    :(((((