Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bits and Pieces of August

The day to day is pretty much the same. 
 Get up, have coffee, see JS out the door, do morning choirs,
then the day is wide open to do the fun things in life.
Irrigate, work for JS, clean house, watch Baby, 
"You get it"

 Most every weekend is spent in the mountains,
working on the cabin/lodge.   We leave here on Friday night
 after work, drive the hour and 15 min. ......  check out the 
progress on the new cabin for that week and kick back with
 a cold beer and take in the view.   Spend all day Saturday 
working and head home at dark.......   By the end of this
 month the whole thing will be insulated and sheet rocked.
I have to admit, I'm looking forward to winter for a break.

We did have some fun this past week. 
Thursday night we attended the Butte County Fair,
Corn Dogs, Cold Beer, took in the Team Roping, visited with
 lots of people, we only seem to see at the fair.  Then a walk
 through the beef barns, spent a lot of years there with our kids.

Saturday I went back to the fair for the Jr Livestock Auction.
JS wanted to buy some of the FFA and 4-H kids animals.
In the middle of all the bids, big smiles, tears and noise,
the Auctioneer challenged our Congressmen Doug  LaMalfa
to kiss a pig for charity.  The local VFW was pick to receive the 
donations and the hat was passed around the audience.
Over a $1,000.00 was raised.  
 LaMalfa even put on lipsticks to kiss the pig.



Shirley said...

Mundane is good when life is good! Your cabin is really nice. Do you worry about forest fires up there? With the drought, it is always a possibility.

lisa said...

Great to see the progress on the cabin! It is going to be just beautiful. (lucky you)

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