Monday, September 1, 2014

Pretty Picture Monday

 Need to step up my photography, I'm entering a photo contest.
Decided that if I'm going to get better,  I need to hear some
constructive criticism.

I've entered two photos, that I'll pick out of these five.
The bottom two are my least favorite, only because the color 
isn't as rich as I would like.

Let me know, what are you'r two favorites.

Or should I pick different ones........   ;D

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Fiona said...

Love photos 2 and 3 Sam, but 2 is definitely my favourite ... those colours are so rich.

Shirley said...

The old car and the second last photo.
Photo 1- nice but nothing to really grab your eye.
Photo 2- lots of visual interest and the colours are harmonious with the old rusty car, and the composition draws your eye over the whole photo.
Photo 3- another nice photo but just seems to be lacking something- maybe a more dramatic sky?
Photo 4- Nice composition; foreground, middle ground and distance in the rule of thirds and lots of visual interest as yoyr eye is drawn to the far horizon.
Photo 5- To improve the composition, take this shot from a lower angle so the mountains are 1/3 of the photo, it just seems a little off. A lower angle would also diminish the amount of the center third of the photo where there isn't much to draw the eye.
You asked- you got! :0)

lisa said...

They are all great, but I really like the second and third ones the best!

lisa said...

I actually meant the fourth picture, I agree with Shirley on the third one.

Crystal said...

I like the road one, also like the fourth one of course the pics I choose never are chosen by the winners so what do I know??

Far Side of Fifty said...

Yes what Shirley said. Number two is perfect! I entered some too in a local calendar contest. I might win 20$ off the electricity bill:)