Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee Break

Grab a cut of coffee and lets chat for a while.
The weekend in the mountains was great, yes that is a 
picture of Sundays breakfast.  The weather was crazy, a little snow, 
hail and rain, still beautiful.  Did you have a good weekend?

I want to talk to all of you about my blog.  If you've made more then 
one visit here, you probably realised that I'm not much of a writer.
I am getting better, I must be, Daughter Dawn
hasn't called me the last few post, correcting my spelling.
Of course it helps, when I stick to words I know........LOL

What I am going to get better about is responding to those,
who are kind enough to leave comments.  Starting now !!!
and to say Thank You for sticking with me.  I may not respond 
to every individual comment, but I will answer questions and 
respond to the group.  It may take a day or "two", but I will respond.
To those who never comment, I still notice when you've been by
and Thank You also.

Thinking about changing things up some.  Adding pages.
( As soon as I figure out how....LOL)
Like the orchard, photos and see how that works out.
If any one knows how to fix the "Flicker stream feed,
that would be great !!!!!

I was wondering what it is that all of you would like,
to see on the blog or hear about ?  Let me know!

Well, I'm out of coffee and the chores are calling me.
"Have a Great Day"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is the feed shed / tack room / winter catch all.  We keep all the
 supplies for the orchard, feed and tack, chainsaws, you name it and
 those things that just don't quite go any where else and mice.
So, each year I drag everything out of it and clean.

Last year I put up the shelf unit, but used old board out of the 
scrap pile.  I decided to put new boards up this year.

"What's that you say ?........Why yes!  I am married to a carpenter."

That's why I have my own tools................LOL

This isn't a big project, but any time you put your mind to it
 and accomplish a goal, it sure feels good.

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday !!!

Was going to write about the kitchen garden and show
 you all the progress I've made over the last two days.

"But the Petunias Won Out."

Tonight the family is getting together for dinner.  JS and I,
 grandparents , brothers and friends for Dawn's birthday.

Tomorrow, we're headed to the mountains for the weekend.

"Hope you have something fun planed for your weekend."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Daughter Dawn

My girl turns 30 this week, a milestone in her life.
She's had a few, Class of 2000, College Grad, Wedding and a perfect
 score in hunters safety.  There will be more as the years count by.

I know my love for her is no different then the millions of other mother,
feelings about their girls.  I have three great kids, no one loved more
 then the other, but there is just something about daughters.

When Dawn's younger brother was born, her dad stated he was glad
Zach wasn't a girl.  Because he didn't think, he could love another girl and
 much as he loved Dawn.  Of course he could, but I knew what he meant.

I marvel at her.  She is so much more aware of the world and 
a stronger person, then I was at her age....... or today.

She's loyal to her family and friends, but if crossed or wronged, 
you'll know.  She'll be telling you, up close in person.
Yet, she has the tenderness of harts for those, that she feels need protecting.

"Like the monkey at the Silver Dollar Fair, she begged me year after
year to buy, because he needed a good home."

She's a tough girl and girly girl.
No fear of dirt and hard work, but likes her bling, nail polish
and her little dog.  A member of the "Delicate Flowers" club,
and one of my greatest accomplishments.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unruly Raspberries

When we first moved to the 18 acres, it was over run with blackberries.
Years of spraying Round-up, weed eating and digging out roots,
finely brought them under control.

One row of blackberries was left on the fence line, on the far side of 
the property and gives us nice blackberries for most of the summer.
So!  When JS got a wild hair to plant raspberries in my garden, 
"I was none to happy"

It's not like he spends a lot of time in the garden.  Shoot!
I'm not sure he even knows were the garden is ? 

They've been planted for a year now.  He did have one of the workers put in
 the metal post and today Shane drilled the holes and I ran the guide wires.

"How much you want to bet, JS will never notice?"  ;))

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Sister Cindy

I'd like you to meet my friend, Sister Cindy.
She's only been my sister for about twelve years.

One late afternoon as JS and I were waiting for a table,
a Mutual Friend of Cindy and ours came into the bar, 
where we were having a cold one before dinner.

The Mutual friend came directly to us and it was obvious,
that he had already had a good start on the evening.

As the conversation went along, The Mutual Friend, commented
"I talked to your sister Cindy today."

I politely corrected him , by stating 
" I don't have a sister, I'm an only child"

The Mutual Friend, now puzzled, confirmed.
"Sure you do! She works over there with your mother
at the sewer district."

Cindy, did work with my Mom.  Now under standing how
 the mix up accrued and coming from a family of jokesters.
(smart asses)  I reconfirmed his statement.
" Oh!.........That sister!..............I forgot about her."

The Mutual Friend, being understanding.
"That's OK, it happens"


I know there are times that people would like to forget,
  they have siblings, but how often does it really happen?

From that day on Cindy has been Sister Cindy, 
even her kids call me Auntie Sam.

Cindy just became a member of the "5,0" club and
received her first grand baby in the world,
so It's been a big year for Sister Cindy.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Stills, Vintage

Vintage ?  So much is called vintage, now a day.
To me it's something that a man or women's hands
 actually touched. Wood, clay, thread, leather, stone, metal. 
 Taking the time with a few simple tools and creating
 something so beautiful, that we consider them treasures.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

 We had a great time at Mendon's Nursery yesterday,
even in the rain.  It didn't stop us form shopping but,
it did put a "damper"  (Ha Ha)  on the photo taking.

Mostly I bought veggies, herbs and an artichoke plant to 
replace the one the gophers got.  Lemons cucumbers, 
stage, oregano, Italian parsley. 
 This is new, Hot and Spicy Oregano.

and Mom, found these Black Cherry Tomatoes. 

Also bought these two beautiful Rhododendron's.

and look at this pretty, already blooming in my back yard.

Hope you get to spend sometime outside.
"Have a Great Weekend."