Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee Break

Grab a cut of coffee and lets chat for a while.
The weekend in the mountains was great, yes that is a 
picture of Sundays breakfast.  The weather was crazy, a little snow, 
hail and rain, still beautiful.  Did you have a good weekend?

I want to talk to all of you about my blog.  If you've made more then 
one visit here, you probably realised that I'm not much of a writer.
I am getting better, I must be, Daughter Dawn
hasn't called me the last few post, correcting my spelling.
Of course it helps, when I stick to words I know........LOL

What I am going to get better about is responding to those,
who are kind enough to leave comments.  Starting now !!!
and to say Thank You for sticking with me.  I may not respond 
to every individual comment, but I will answer questions and 
respond to the group.  It may take a day or "two", but I will respond.
To those who never comment, I still notice when you've been by
and Thank You also.

Thinking about changing things up some.  Adding pages.
( As soon as I figure out how....LOL)
Like the orchard, photos and see how that works out.
If any one knows how to fix the "Flicker stream feed,
that would be great !!!!!

I was wondering what it is that all of you would like,
to see on the blog or hear about ?  Let me know!

Well, I'm out of coffee and the chores are calling me.
"Have a Great Day"


Crystal said...

That was a great coffee break, I needed that! And cake for breakfast is perfect :)
Adding pages is easy, its on the layout page and its pretty self explanitory.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thank You Crystal....... I just need to set down and do it !

Nancy said...

I don't often comment here, but I do read every post. I love all the beautiful photos that you post.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thank You Nancy. I know when the Wyoming Breezes have come threw.

Fiona said...

I particularly enjoy your beautiful photography. Always enjoy stopping by, though I'm a little slack on the commenting front.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Fiona, I'm way slack on the commenting front.........LOL

Shirley said...

I especially like coming to your blog in the spring to see all your lovely photos because you are way ahead of us weather wise. I don't need answers to my comments, unless I'm asking a question; I know how time consuming it can be to do that.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You just have to do what you can do..I love coming here to see your photos and to see what is new with you. I am most likely too wordy on my blog..LOL:)