Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Daughter Dawn

My girl turns 30 this week, a milestone in her life.
She's had a few, Class of 2000, College Grad, Wedding and a perfect
 score in hunters safety.  There will be more as the years count by.

I know my love for her is no different then the millions of other mother,
feelings about their girls.  I have three great kids, no one loved more
 then the other, but there is just something about daughters.

When Dawn's younger brother was born, her dad stated he was glad
Zach wasn't a girl.  Because he didn't think, he could love another girl and
 much as he loved Dawn.  Of course he could, but I knew what he meant.

I marvel at her.  She is so much more aware of the world and 
a stronger person, then I was at her age....... or today.

She's loyal to her family and friends, but if crossed or wronged, 
you'll know.  She'll be telling you, up close in person.
Yet, she has the tenderness of harts for those, that she feels need protecting.

"Like the monkey at the Silver Dollar Fair, she begged me year after
year to buy, because he needed a good home."

She's a tough girl and girly girl.
No fear of dirt and hard work, but likes her bling, nail polish
and her little dog.  A member of the "Delicate Flowers" club,
and one of my greatest accomplishments.



Linda said...

What a great tribute Sam! Happy Birthday from the North.

Janice said...

What Linda said....not quite as far North:)

CindyQ said...

Happy Dawn's Birthday Sis! She is a definitely one to be proud of.

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