Friday, March 29, 2013

"Thank You"

"Thank You" 
For all the Prayer, Well Wishes and Comments
for Baby Kinley, Dawn and Cory
and to Wish Everyone
"A Wonderful Easter Weekend"

Love the Starr and Nevers Family 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursdays Thoughts, Love

How can something so small,
 that has never spoken a word,
have such a hold on your heart.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It ain't pretty but it worked and I got my spraying all done.

Nothing a little electrical and duct tape can't fix.

Tape..... zip ties.....the new bailing wire.

One of Those "Oh Sh!!!" Moments.

The truth be known, not much has been accomplished around here,
 since that baby came in the world.  I was good Sunday 
and got the kitchen garden sprayed with round-up......
 Hope to get it cleaned and the ground turned up next week.

Yesterday, I planned to spray the 18, fence lines, down the road 
and the driveway, but one of the wires on the pump broke.
The pump is a closed unit so it couldn't be rewired.

Found another pump in the shed "It looked New" 
so I switched it out only to find it didn't hook up the same.
"Whats New"

I would run to town, only needed three parts, this wouldn't
 take any time at all.  Three parts and three stores later,
Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and Home Depot
I had my (#$%^*&^%$) three parts !!!!

Needless to say , I was in rare form by the time I got home.

By now it's almost 11 and the wind has pickup,  but I 
diligently put the whole thing back together.  My though was that, 
I would get as much done before the wind got to blowing to hard 
 and that I would start again early the the next morning.

Started up the Quad, flip the switch to power the pump and "Nothing"

The more I got to looking at it, it crossed my mind,
 "This new pump might be the one that died last summer"

To make a long story short,  this morning 
 JS cut open the old pump, so I can rewire it.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"The Biscuit Has Landed"

Isn't she the prettiest thing you ever seen.... yes!

Kinley Grace made her appearance at 7:50 3-20-2013.
6 lb 9 oz, 19 inch, a good set of lungs and fat cheeks at both ends.
Mama and baby are both doing well
and Dads still taking it all in.

What a perfect day!!!
Thank You God !!!


Today is the first day of spring and by the time you read
 this our first grandchild will have come into the world.
Miss Kinley Grace aka "Biscuit"

I've been saying the same prayer everyday.

"Dear God, Please let this little one come in to the world healthy,
Ten fingers, ten toes, everything working and in the right places.
Let her be smart and kind and with two sets of fat cheek.
One set at each end and happy."

I don't have to pray for her to be loved,
her Mama and Daddy have that covered.

"Thank You God"

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Nevada Experience and Picon Punch at the Martin

The next two days, Cindy and I never pick up a camera.
"The Nevada Photography Experience " had shifted gears,
Friday and Saturday would features the headliner photographers
Barbars Van Cleve, Mark Hayward, CJ Hadley and Cynthia Baldauf,
were my favorites.  Reminiscing bout their  start in photography
  and how they became involved with "Shooing The West"
Oh!   and they all seemed to have a Picon Punch story.

Other featured events  were Winnemucca in Black and White,
Great Basin College Photo Project,  Winnemucca Alphabet,
Give It Your Best Shot show and photo contest, and 
Range magazine's Outback 2013 Photo contest,
that Cindy received credit for her entry in the awards ceremony. 
"Great Job Sis"

Presenters Gallery  were the artist work was show cased.
Book signings, Venders Allie  where we met Ruth Rubelt,
a ranch gal from Vale Oregon.  Ruth makes beautiful frames,
like the one holding my poster signed by "Barbara"
Brenn Hill concert was held Friday night, great show!

Saturday, our last night....... we had heard so many stories about
the Winnemucca Hotel, no longer open and The Martin , still
a hot spot  and "Picon Punch", so The Martin it was.  
Besides we needed to further our restaurant hobby.

A wonderful old Basque family style restaurant.
Don't be shy, grab an open chair at any table, they pack um in.
The food was amazing the you could feed a small army,
on the bread, soup, salad, carrots, potatoes and hominy,
that was put our before you even got to the main course.
"Best Lamb Chops Ever'  ...... sorry mom

Yes we ordered a Picon Punch.
The stories we heard, where of people drinking 3 and 5 
in one evening.  We each got though one....with dinner.
Nether one of us drinks much hard liquor, we're going to have
 to toughen up if we're going to hang out with this bunch.

Sunday morning as we headed home we decided the reason, 
so many pioneer women went mad, is because the damn wind 
blows all the time, other then that we had a great time in 

"Thank You !!  Cindy for inviting me along."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Picon Punch, Barbara Van Clevend and the Winnemucca Wind

Tuesday last week, Sister Cindy got away from work early,  a storm was
coming in and we wanted to get over Donner pass, if it was going o snow.
Quick stop in Reno for gas, cheese, salami and crackers for lunch and 
across the sagebrush sea we headed.

Rolled into Winnemucca at dinner time, checked into the Winners Hotel,
drug all our stuff up two flights of stairs
  (this would become a running joke for the week)  to our room. 
 Took a tour of main street and settled  on "The Pig"
Pulled pork sandwich, that we split for dinner... Mmmmmm ... Good Stuff!
It was here, the conversation about splitting meals and portion control accrued. 

No sleeping in on this trip, up early for breakfast and our 8 am class, Our First Day.
Craig Moore was our instructor for "Understanding Your Digital Camera"
Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Light ?!?!? I have to confess it's still a little Greek,
but at least I'm not shooting in automatic anymore.  I'm out of neutral.
The class was out by lunch and our new hobby had soon become trying out
different restaurants.  Our new favorite Mexican place was now  "Chihuahua's"
Dinner plates the size of serving platters ( this was just lunch.)
We were as piggy as the Carnitas on our plate.
Did someone mention portion control ?

That afternoon we drove around the outskirts of town, taking pictures.
It was fun stopping alongside the road, taking shots of what ever caught our eye.
As we got back to town we did what all good ranch/farm girls do, we check 
out the feed and western stores.  They had vet supplies we can no longer get in CA.
After much discussion and a few jokes about CA "Bug Stations" at the boarder.
Cindy insisted I was not aloud to smuggle Scarlet Oil over the state line.
~Kill Joy~

In pursuing our new hobby, we were invited to join some of the staff form
 Shooting The West for Chinese food.  The company was lively and the 
first of many stories about Picon Punch was revealed.

Thursday!!!!!  Our big full day with Barbara Van Cleve 
"We were acting like two teenage off to see Elvis

She told us about growing up in Montana, a ranchers daughter.
Her life as the Dean of Women at DePaul University in Chicago  Ill.
and in 1980 moved to Santa Fe to concentrate on photography full time
and her first trip to Shooing The West and Picon Punch at the 
Winnemucca Hotel.

Her morning class, she talked about angels, subject and using
 what equipment you have.  As she shoots a lot of her photos from
 horse back.  No Tripods.  The one thing that really stuck with
 me from her class.  Like what your photographing.

This became more apparent when we started seeing works of other
 photographers.   Not everyone is going to  like your pictures, just as you 
are not going to like all that you see.  You have to like your own work,
other wise ...Why are you taking pictures?

Lunch break....... no restauraint this time, we grabbed the ice chest and headed
 out to take pictures.  We only had and hour and the class was going to meet at the 
museum for some one-on-one with Barbara.    We wanted cow pictures,
" It's How We Roll"

Dirt Road, water hole, corrals, cows and the "Winnemucca Wind"
We got our shot.

At the museum, several photo groups had gathered,  We wondered around taking
 varies picture of this and that.  Barbara would give us ideas of angels and settings.
"Look around the edges of you view finder, before you take the pictures"
She kept stressing to us that our editing, should be done in the camera before we take 
 the picture, not cropping on the computer.

The last two hours of the day our group returned to the class room setting where we
 had started that morning.  We would show the group our photos and Barbara would 
"talk about them"   It was at this point I was feeling a little ill.
After it was all over, Cindy and I Joked that it didn't hurt as much as we though it would
and  we didn't need to go home and sell off all our camera equipment. 

Fajitas and Margaritas at Chihuahuas to celebrate. 
I think they added a few steps to those stairs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hi........   Trying to load a video and having trouble.
Just to tired to mess with it any more tonight.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hunting Cows On Our Lunchbreak

We spent Thursday with Barbara Van Cleve, in an all day workshop.
The morning was wonderful seeing her photos and hearing about her life.
We where to take a lunch break and then meet at the museum,
for some one on one with Barbra, taking photos.  Then meet back
at the class to see every ones photos from the day.

 Sister Cindy

Cindy and I decided, that we wanted to take pictures of things we liked,
so we set out to hunt cows!  Ice chest in tow, we headed  into the sage.

We had lunch in the truck and no cows were hurt in the shooting..... ;D