Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One of Those "Oh Sh!!!" Moments.

The truth be known, not much has been accomplished around here,
 since that baby came in the world.  I was good Sunday 
and got the kitchen garden sprayed with round-up......
 Hope to get it cleaned and the ground turned up next week.

Yesterday, I planned to spray the 18, fence lines, down the road 
and the driveway, but one of the wires on the pump broke.
The pump is a closed unit so it couldn't be rewired.

Found another pump in the shed "It looked New" 
so I switched it out only to find it didn't hook up the same.
"Whats New"

I would run to town, only needed three parts, this wouldn't
 take any time at all.  Three parts and three stores later,
Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply and Home Depot
I had my (#$%^*&^%$) three parts !!!!

Needless to say , I was in rare form by the time I got home.

By now it's almost 11 and the wind has pickup,  but I 
diligently put the whole thing back together.  My though was that, 
I would get as much done before the wind got to blowing to hard 
 and that I would start again early the the next morning.

Started up the Quad, flip the switch to power the pump and "Nothing"

The more I got to looking at it, it crossed my mind,
 "This new pump might be the one that died last summer"

To make a long story short,  this morning 
 JS cut open the old pump, so I can rewire it.
Wish me luck!


lisa said...

My you have talent, when something like that breaks down I call the son or the hubby! I am not electrically inclined at all!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I would buy a new one..you rock! :)