Friday, March 8, 2013

Hunting Cows On Our Lunchbreak

We spent Thursday with Barbara Van Cleve, in an all day workshop.
The morning was wonderful seeing her photos and hearing about her life.
We where to take a lunch break and then meet at the museum,
for some one on one with Barbra, taking photos.  Then meet back
at the class to see every ones photos from the day.

 Sister Cindy

Cindy and I decided, that we wanted to take pictures of things we liked,
so we set out to hunt cows!  Ice chest in tow, we headed  into the sage.

We had lunch in the truck and no cows were hurt in the shooting..... ;D


lisa said...

Now that is my kind of pictures, beautiful!

Gail said...

Beautiful countryside.

I bet this class was wonderful fun.