Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend in a Nutshell

Here it go's, Friday JS brought me block off a job for my garden.
UPS delivered JS's new tires and wheels for Toyota LC, because!
Perfect Son-in-Law could go farther in the snow with his Jeep last winter,
"Then The Old Man Could"
Saturday, JS fixed a leek.
Helped friend Chris work on his cabin.
( That's going to be a 4 weekend job instead of a 2 weekend job)
JS's "Don't take my picture face"
Since my help wasn't needed,
went for a walk by the lake.
Saw beautiful flowers and
this cute little squirrel.
Even Ranch Dog was busy,
on the hunt for Killer Chipmunks.
Stopped by Pam and Stan's and had a glass of Sangria.
OK..........................maybe two.
Sunday, spent in the garden with my bock and
JS got his new tires and wheels on the TLC!

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