Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ranch Dog Up Date

It's been three weeks and Ranch Dog is starting to show some 
improvement.  The best the vet could determine was that she got 
knocked down by George. 
 ( Poor George, he gets blamed for everything.)  
He said it could also happen, when a dog go's to jump in the 
back of a truck and falls back and hits on their butt.
So we'll be careful with that too.

Don't I look like a Princes?

Yesterday, she stood up and walked on her own a very welcomed sight.
It's going to be about three months for a full recovery and even 
then we will have to keep the two dogs separated for a while.
"Like till George mellows out?"

These are RD happy pills, that she takes every morning and night.

"This is her happy pill face."

Ranch Dog wanted me to say "Thank You" for all the get well wishes.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Stills, Bokeh

Getting the the shots for this challengers, wasn't nearly has hard
 as trying to explain it.  Bokeh, has to do with the background,
making it as important and interesting as the subject itself. 
 Creating distance between the subject and the background, is key.

This is broken in to two styles, Hollywood, witch adds light to 
the background.  By ether natural or man made. 
Exampled by my first two photos.

The next three photos are examples or Cream Cheese Style.
"I Think?"

 So, do me a favor and Google "Bokeh images"
and you'll see what I'm trying to tell you.

And don't forget to visit Sunday Still for more great photography.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pretty Morning

It's grey and gloomy now, but it was sure pretty this morning first thing.
The kitchens clean, everything is put away.  We're still hacking at the 
turkey and the pies are about gone.  In other words, we need to fast
for about the next three weeks.  Youngest son Zach, just left and 
JS and I are headed to the mountains.  We need to bring the quads
(ATV) home, while we can still drive into the cabin and board things up.
See you tomorrow for Sunday Stills.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"November's, Life, Laughs and Hart Aches"

I didn't realizes, I had posted so few entries this month.  Plenty of 
things to write about, time is another thing.  Being dark so soon
you would think, there would be time for the computer and
 I've missed reading and keeping up with all of you in blogger land.

Let me recap November for you.  Cattlewomen where part of the 
Farm City Week, as we are each year.  The event is held at the
 Chico State University Farm, for the local Third Graders from
 all over the county.  Every 15 minutes the students go to a different
 station were they learn about agriculture.  Beef, Rice, Walnuts,
 Sheep, Bees, Dairy and so on.  Some stations have activity's and 
some have teats.   The Cattlewomen teach them about beef by products
 and hand out marshmallows, "gelatin"  We also do a "Crate A Cow"
contest, the classes can build a cow or poster about beef by products.

The same weekend was my trip to Modesto were I posted my 
Sunday Stills from my hotel room.  On the way home, my 
travelling companions stopped by Lockeford Meat and 
Sausage in Lockeford on Hwy 88.  Wow! great place.
Just a hole in the wall, with an old fashion meat counter filled,
with every type of sausage.  I bought apple for breakfast and 
basil that I fixed with caramelized onions. Good Stuff !! 

Back to the real world, house cleaning, running for JS, getting 
the orchard ready.  The normal everyday stuff.  JS gave me a 
worker and we got the place cleaned and mowed.  Things 
picked up and organized.  Looks pretty good around here. 
Cleaning  one of our rentals has been time consuming as well.
Note To Self "All rentals will have self cleaning ovens"

Work weekend at the cabin was in order.  Daughter Dawn and
 Perfect Son in Law Cory came up and helped drain pipes and
 put thing away for winter.  Their friends came up and helped too,
that was fun because they brought their dog Bandit.  Who is
Ranch Dogs puppy and full sister to George. 
 Good looking dog, I must say.

Dawn and I hosted a baby show for Erin. She and papa Pat, will 
be having a little girl in Feb.  Erin is my dear friend Cindy's girl.
No Pink! The babies room is Brown and Turquoise and so was
 the shower.  "Everything is pink in baby world."  We pulled it
 offand Erin and Cindy were both happy.  

Now for the hard ache,  Ranch dog got hurt last week.
She spent all last Wed. at the vet, x-rays and blood test.
Discovering a bulging disk in her back just above her tail.
No Paralyses, she can move her legs but can't stand.
It's a wait and see thing, pain pills and rest for now.
We joke her, that she's milking it, She's a house dog and
 sleeps in the master bedroom.  George isn't very happy.
  He does not like being alone. 

Tomorrow is Thanks Giving Day, I can't complain.
Life in general is pretty good.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Stills, Potluck with a Purpose

Linda's challenge this week was to get us to move.  You can't just
 stand in one place at one angle and expect to get the best picture.
By moving the camera or yourself a few inches or a few feet,
can greatly change the out come of a picture.  For example, my
 first shot, a pineapple sage in my kitchen garden.
 I'm standing directly over it, no big deal.

Now, see the differences, when I lower the camera down to it's level.

Here I'm standing about 4 feet above this stump and with my height 
the camera is about another 5 feet above that. 
 Nothing special about this picture.

But, now I have walked down to the stump and put the camera
at the same level,  now you can see all the detail of the stump.
So the next time your have a camera in you hand, move !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Stills, In the Dark

Hi Everyone, These are taken from my hotel room in Modesto Ca.
I'm attending Conclave with about 120 of my sorority sisters,
aka girls night out, in overdrive........LOL

It's been a great weekend, except the train that's only one block
 over that insist on blowing it's horn at 4am as it flies threw town.
Oh, and the window, would only open up about 4 inches.
I couldn't even get my camera threw the opening ?
Oh, The trails and tribulations of traveling.

All in All a fun trip.  I wont be home till late tonight.
This isn't quiet what Linda had in mind for the challenge,
but I threw it in, "It's Cool"  It was dark outside..........LOL

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

What's better than a lazy fall afternoon,
enjoying the fruits of the harvest.

To Good Food, Good Wine and Good Friends.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

That Time of Year

The oranges are starting to show a little color.

Not irrigating as much and beginning to gather and repair clippers,
 picking bags and ladders.  It's funny, but almost
every month something is being harvested in California.

It's just that time of year.