Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh No Snow !!!

 Most of the cabin owners at Little Grass were caught off guard
 by the 18 plus inches of snow last week.  

Our place was in pretty good shape.  
The biggest concern was the motor home and the camp trailer
 were still there, for the construction crew.  
Thank goodness, our big tractor was there also.

JS spent all day Saturday plowing the road, while I dug out 
water boxes and valves, to drain all the water lines.

Sunday we headed home with our little caravan.  I drove the motor home 
and JS pulled the trailer.  At lest we blended in with the deer hunters.
I was afraid we would be mistaken as the "Irish Travelers"....... ;D

Friday, October 26, 2012



Not really, I wimped out and bought more storage from Picasa.
My personal list of virtues, does not include patients.
"I like easy"

I do want to say Thank You to,
Linda P., Crystal, Gail,
 Lisa, Far Side and TJ
for support and help.

Hope you enjoy the new header,
have a Great weekend.......   ;D

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog Update

"When All Else Fails, Read Directions" 

The problem is not fixed ?
Zachary was by this morning and set up my external hard drive,
(that I've had for months)
It didn't help.
Even went to my Picasa account and deleted some photos,
I knew were not on my blog, that did nothing.
I'm going to try Linda's suggestion,
of going threw my Flickr account.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OMG !!!!!

I went to load a new header photo
 and apparently !!!!!!!!
I have used up all my photo storage on "Picasa"
So..................... until I have a little time to work this out,
I can't add any more photos to my blog.
I am not happy ;(

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Rain of the Season

It's Raining, It's Pouring 
and It's Snowing in the Sierra.

Today, is the day the concrete was going to be poured 
to finish the basement, of the new cabin.
There is eight inches of snow on the ground
as of this morning. 

Being in construction and farming,
 the weather can be a little hard on the emotions.

"Thank You God"
We need the rain.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Headed North

JS and I are headed north for a few days to visit family in Oregon,
so all of you have a good weekend and stay out of trouble.

Like I use to tell the kids when we would leave them home alone.

"If it involves a Cop, a Doctor or a Priest"
"You Better Not Do It"

There might nave been a few more words to that statement,
now that I think about it.......... ;D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Morning Walk

I played hooky this morning.
The bed, laundry and dishes aren't going any where.
It was nice out, the sun peeking threw the trees, 
quiet and the air smelled so good.

This youngster was feeding in a patch of green grass,
enjoying the morning too.

Oranges are getting some size to them and showing a little color.

Love these big old olive trees, their about 80 to 90 years old.

I like how they line the road at the front of the property.
It's one of the things that gives this place character. 


I might have to play hooky more often.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pretty Picture Monday

The pineapple sage is all that is blooming,
here at 5 Starr's Farm.
Have to start looking for fall color.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Old Horses

Amigo and Kelly
Mi Amigo Jorge and Colorado Sweet
 (My Friend Gorge) and (The Hell Bitch)

 Last spring our mare died of natural causes "Old Age"
She and the gelding are both about 34.
Have had a number of horses in my life, but none till their dying days.
"I wont do it again"

No, I haven't written about them much or put pictures of them up.
They both look pretty bad.
Yes! I know about Senior Equine feed and floating their teeth.
The truth is, that all the love, good feed and care,
"Doesn't stop time"

They lose their hearing, sometimes their sight, and their teeth quiet growing.
So all the wonderful feed your giving them, isn't getting inside.
Then other things start going wrong.
"It breaks your heart"

My Kids have spent hours with them and they have been the best nannies ever.
I never worried about them getting in wrecks with our kids.
They never once let me down and always brought them home safe.
They've been lawn ornaments for years now.  I like looking out the 
kitchen window and seeing them in the pasture.
"It makes me happy"

A good intentioned neighbor turned me into the Animal Control
last spring, about two months before our mare died.
The officer was good and suggested I have a vet come look at them 
and report back to Animal Control and they would keep in on file.
As the Vet examined them, she stated they where in good shape for being,
"Older Then Dirt"


Tomorrow the Vet will make another visit.


I'm not writing to be scorned or praised.
I'm writing to remind myself in the future,
when my big hart over shadows my good sense.
"Having old horses is hard on the heart"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yes!  This is the picture I choices.......
If you would stand still, so I didn't have to sneak up on you,
it would have been a better picture.......

"Happy Birthday Partner"
We're Sure Glad We Have You 
Love Mom and Dad