Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OMG !!!!!

I went to load a new header photo
 and apparently !!!!!!!!
I have used up all my photo storage on "Picasa"
So..................... until I have a little time to work this out,
I can't add any more photos to my blog.
I am not happy ;(


Crystal said...

Oh crappy!!! I was just thinking I need a new header photo too, but not sure I have one I love right now. Hope you figure out how to add more photos!!

Anonymous said...

Awww Sam, that sucks :-(. Looking forward to see more pict when you have this all figured out!....Btw Dawn told me the happy new news!!! Congrats!!!/ Meatball

Gail said...

I remember when that happened to me.

You will now have to pay for your storage.

If you chose another service and delete Picasa, your photos will disappear from your blog. It was good that I had mine somewhere else but many disappeared when I left Picasa...no much for free. I back up mine on another hard drive.

I wish I could find out how to save my posts.

Have a wonderful evening. It will all work out.

lisa said...

I had that problem and I did go to my lap top and finally I just put all my pictures on a memory card, pop the memory card into the computer and download right from the card. Can't do a lot of fixing and stuff but I do get to use what pictures I want without having to save onto the computer or picasa.

Linda said...

I often upload to flickr and use the URL so the photo shows up on my blog.