Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh No Snow !!!

 Most of the cabin owners at Little Grass were caught off guard
 by the 18 plus inches of snow last week.  

Our place was in pretty good shape.  
The biggest concern was the motor home and the camp trailer
 were still there, for the construction crew.  
Thank goodness, our big tractor was there also.

JS spent all day Saturday plowing the road, while I dug out 
water boxes and valves, to drain all the water lines.

Sunday we headed home with our little caravan.  I drove the motor home 
and JS pulled the trailer.  At lest we blended in with the deer hunters.
I was afraid we would be mistaken as the "Irish Travelers"....... ;D


lisa said...

Yuck! Poor you.

Crystal said...

Thats a lot of snow!! Looks so different with the trailers by the green grass.