Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Old Horses

Amigo and Kelly
Mi Amigo Jorge and Colorado Sweet
 (My Friend Gorge) and (The Hell Bitch)

 Last spring our mare died of natural causes "Old Age"
She and the gelding are both about 34.
Have had a number of horses in my life, but none till their dying days.
"I wont do it again"

No, I haven't written about them much or put pictures of them up.
They both look pretty bad.
Yes! I know about Senior Equine feed and floating their teeth.
The truth is, that all the love, good feed and care,
"Doesn't stop time"

They lose their hearing, sometimes their sight, and their teeth quiet growing.
So all the wonderful feed your giving them, isn't getting inside.
Then other things start going wrong.
"It breaks your heart"

My Kids have spent hours with them and they have been the best nannies ever.
I never worried about them getting in wrecks with our kids.
They never once let me down and always brought them home safe.
They've been lawn ornaments for years now.  I like looking out the 
kitchen window and seeing them in the pasture.
"It makes me happy"

A good intentioned neighbor turned me into the Animal Control
last spring, about two months before our mare died.
The officer was good and suggested I have a vet come look at them 
and report back to Animal Control and they would keep in on file.
As the Vet examined them, she stated they where in good shape for being,
"Older Then Dirt"


Tomorrow the Vet will make another visit.


I'm not writing to be scorned or praised.
I'm writing to remind myself in the future,
when my big hart over shadows my good sense.
"Having old horses is hard on the heart"


Mary Ann said...

I am so sorry and will say a prayer you can get through tomorrow. We have had to do this twice...once to a mare and once to a beloved gelding. We were not able to bury them here, and that made it harder... plus we had neighbors who wondered if we were starving the gelding. We would not wait so long next time, it is not fair to the horse. Don't lose your big heart, this is part of loving animals. (and all the Purina Senior, chopped hay and soaked pulp did no good, either)

Linda said...

I know what you're going through and how you feel......think of the good times my friend.

Crystal said...

It sure is tough when they get old, and sometimes that just how it happens. I have never had an old horse till it dies, but I have a few around here now that will probly still be here till then. Nothing wrong with keepin them even when they look so old, it is nice to look out and see them happy.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thank You Everyone............