Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Yes! I am so efficient and have so much time on my hands,that I had 
to create work for myself.   In my best Scarlett O'Hara voice.
 "As to not die of sheer boredom"

I've been revamping the Kitchen garden.
Last year I didn't have a garden, that was a first in almost 20 years.
We sure missed it......   Luckily mom puts in a big garden and kept
us in tomatoes, lemon cucumbers  and zucchini.

With all the work on the new cabin last summer, the back and forth
to the mountains several times a week, there was no way I was going
 to be able to keep up with a garden.   The really bad part is that 
I didn't clean it before winter, like I usually do and man!
What a mess !!!

JS has a construction yard where all the odds and end form jobs are stored. 
 I scrounged around and found all these stack stones.They don't all match, 
 but make good planters and this side of the garden needed work. 
 Love the new pavers, that was my Christmas from JS. 
  In April, he asked what I wanted for my birthday?
"Someone to put all those pavers down"
My Mama didn't raise no fool!  

Like my cute little rock bunnies?

Still not sure what I'm going to do here, thinking of making one more 
curved planter. Planing on putting in Blueberries.   It's going to take most
 of the summer before it's done, but it's looking much better all the time.