Thursday, July 28, 2011

Night Out on Lake Oroville

We had the best time last night. A group of friends, invited us to 
go out on their boats and have dinner on the lake.  YAHOO !!

Stan and Pam picked us up about 5:30 and we followed our other
 friends, Lou and Yola and Lou and Lola to the lake. Yes it's
Stan, Pam and Sam, Lou and Lou and Yola and Lola and JS.

When you pull into the park, you have to pay at a machine.
The sun was hitting on the face of it and you couldn't read
 the instructions.  So picture four old guys, all huddled around
 this machine, with their hats off, trying to block the sun. 

Meanwhile, a line of young guys with their souped-up trucks
 and souped-up boats are waiting for the old guys with their 
standard truck and 1970's boats to "move"

It was at this point, that we wives realized that non of the old
 guys where very computer savvy.  If the machine would have
 had tires, this wouldn't have been a problem.  After the 
hold up, the boat launching was smooth and uneventful.
Boats loaded and everyone in, we started off.

How Beautiful !!!  The lake is full to the treeline, the water
was smooth, no wind, it was perfect......
The plan was to go see Feather Falls.  The lake is so full that you
 can boat right up to them, but as we were crossing the main body
 of the lake, Lou's boat started to over heat.  We stopped.

The "Old Guys" decided instead of going the hour it would take
 to the falls, we would just have dinner in a near by cove. 
 No one was really disappointed, it was so perfect out and
  just happy to be on the lake.  Even saw a mama deer
with two babies, with spots. 

The rest of the evening was spent in the cove with the two boats
tied together.  We dinned on sandwiches, potato salad, fruit salad
 and brownies.  The company of good friends, a cold beer 
and of course Lou's great wine.
"We are Truly Blessed"

Oh, Ya!

Lou's boat died on the way back, and Stan had to tow him in.
It added to the fun and memories.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Stills, Farm Animals

Your Right !   This is not my best effort.

It's not like there's a shortage of farm animals around here.

"This is a prime example of pro-crast-in-ation."

I would just like to thank the Dairymen over in Durham.
Where a person can stop in the middle of the road,
flip in the flasher and  hang the camera out the window.

Yes Folk !  These are genuine California Happy Cow !

Don't forget to stop by

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week in Review, "Not in Order"

Last Sunday JS and I went and saw the move "Buck"
Even if your not into horses this is a really good move.

Cut out Spanish Saber and Sour Dock in the horse pasture.

Took out permits for JS, that might have been last week?
I did something for JS on Monday.

Oh!  Youngest Son Zach was home on Tuesday,
had lunch out and a nice visit.

One day this week the cabinet maker came
and fixed a door and a couple of drawers in my kitchen.

Gopher wars in the garden are on going.

House work, that's always a fun topic!
and the ever existing trips to the bank,
the post office and the grocery store.

Tied up some loose end for Cattlewomens.

Last Night was Fun !!!
Dawn and I went to see Harry Potter 3D,
just us girls and dinner at Taco Bell.

"Nothing better them spending time with my girl"

Guess this week wasn't so bad after all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Life Happening Here

Checking for leeks in the front orchard,
laundry, weeding the garden, running for JS,
spraying round-up on puncture vine.

"These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things ?!?!?!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Stills, People

I all most skipped this challenge.
We could take a picture of anything we wanted,
but it had to have people in it. The more the better.
I couldn't think of anything good.

Then this morning I remembered I had a 
 shot of  Cory. (Perfect Son-In-Law Cory) 
and yesterday was his birthday.

So I thought it only fitting that Cory be the 
the center of attention today.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Adventures of Ranch Dog and Her Sidekick George

We spent the night at the cabin last night and just got home.
JS had a meeting to got to, I took the dogs for a 
run out in the orchard.

Sorry, that these first two pictures are so fuzzy, but I wasn't 
getting  off the quad and I wasn't turning it off either.

I'm sure by the these last two shots you can tell why.
Maybe, I should have saved these for Wordless Wednesday.

I know two spoiled dog who are sleeping in the dog run tonight 
and not my laundry room.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sidekick George and the Lake Monster.

George has come to live with us full time, we took him along
with Ranch Dog to the mountains.  George loved it !
There were geese and chipmunks to chase, 
hot dogs to eat and lots of water to play in.

As he ventured down the shore line, 
George came face to face with the legendary 
"Lake Monster of Little Grass Valley Reservoir."

George Stood His Ground ! 
Growling ! Lunging ! and Giving it His Best !!!

The Lake Monster didn't move, didn't even blink an "EYE!"
George did what he could to make the beast return to the deeps
 of the reservoir.  "The Monster sat there, like a big rock in the
 water, Staring George Down."     

It's just a good thing JS called George off,
It could have gotten ugly !!!

To Gorge's credit it does look like a big frog.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Was Your Weekend ?

We headed to the cabin Friday night, nice and cool, it sure felt good.
JS spent most of the time on this tractor, helping out neighbors.

Mom came up Saturday, we took walks be the lake and just kick
 back and relaxed.   Saturday night we got together with a group of friends, 
for the Tri Tip dinner in down town La Porte, put on by the 
La Porte Volunteer Fire Department.  The only fire department.

Tri Tip, rice (lots of rice growers have cabins in La Porte)
green salad, beans, bread and a drink for $ 10.00.
What a Great Night !!! 
We all just sat around the table and B Sing, for the evening.

Sunday, we BBQ with Mon before she went home,
JS and friends spent the afternoon working on the tractor.
Broke a bracket that held the power steering hoses.

You know its fun how you don't really see any one around up here,
but once some guy crawls under a tractor........ I'm just saying. 

The kids were all off doing their thing ,being Independent.
They surprised us by showing up at home last night to visit,
that made the weekend perfect.

"Hope your weekend was perfect too"

Friday, July 1, 2011

How Doe's Your Garden Grow

The garden isn't as far a log as it should be, I was late getting it in.
Rain and more rain and cold, kept delaying the planting.
It's doing good now.  Still haven't gotten my green beans in.
I like having a kitchen garden, last year was the first summer I 
didn't plane a garden.  I had a thousand really good reasons 
not to plant one, but by the end of summer I couldn't come up
 with one.  I like early mornings best, a cup of coffee
 in hand as I water, enjoying the cool of the day.
 Ranch dog and George running around.
Now, isn't that what it's all about.