Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stills, Signs of Fall

In the Sierra's, Spring doesn't come along till summer is well on it's
 way in the valley.  Fall however, is the early riser in the mountains, 
Dogwoods and Gooseberries now lining the roads with their beautiful colors.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Winter is Coming"

Mornings have been wonderful, crisp, with that heavy fall feeling and smell.
  Not quite long sleeve weather.  The trees around the house are turning a
 lighter green, as they do each year before showing their beautiful colors. 
 Orchard is full of does and babies, their spots verily showing now.
  They don't wonder far, when I walk threw, only moving over a row or two.  
Many of the little birds that spent the summer here and raised families are gone. 
 Noted by the quiet. 
 As the days grow shorter, I welcome, sweaters, pots of soup,
hot cups of tea in the evening, fresh baked anything and 
"The Game of Thrones"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Happy Birthday JS"

JS is counting decades, he turned 60 on Monday.
The kids and I had a small party for him Sunday afternoon.
Just family and our good friends form across the road.
Our little group spent the afternoon on the back patio enjoying the 
beautiful weather, food, Sangria and each other.
JS was very happy with his small party and his big gift.

What do you get a man that's pushing senior citizen age?
"A Redneck Scooter" 
That night when it was just the kids and us, I asked JS if he was
happy with his gift, he said he loved it and was relieved.
He thought I had gone out and bought him a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Cory, our son-in-law said
"Yeah!! A Harley Davidson and really big life insurances policy"
We had a good laugh at that.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Kicking Back on a Sunday Afternoon

"In My Dreams !!!"
The construction foreman and the farm foreman at this outfit, are often at odds
 with each other.  It's a constant tug-a-war of priorities, time, and a tractor.
Sometimes it's a matter of muscles, me needing JS's muscles.
So, when help is offered you don't complain about the day or the time.

The big valve to the orange orchards waterline, has been needing to be replace
 all summer.  Last week when Shane mowed, the box around the valve pushed
 down and broke the main waterline for the irrigation.  After digging and cutting,
things apart, a trip to town for parts was in order.  Nothing like going to town on 
Sunday, covered with dirt and looking your best.

We wondered around the hardware store for a while and then to Tractor Supply, 
where JS got side tracked be a shiny new vice.  With parts in hand we headed 
home,  to the task awaiting us.  By now it's mid afternoon and Hot!!!
You would think with 700 orange trees in an orchard there would be shade???
NO !!!  Never Go's That Good. 

JS fitted everything together and I cut pipe, it fit perfectly. 
 What more could a girl ask for.

"A Bath"

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Butte County Cattlewomen, "Cow Belle of the Year."

Today the Butte County Cattlewomen honored Andree Earley as 
"Cow Bell of the Year"
Andree grew up with a small cow-calf operation.  She showed 
cattle throughout the western United States very successfully and was 
one of the top youth showmen in California for many years.

Since that time, Andree along with her husband Sean and their two boys,
have developed a commercial beef herd along with a small group of 
registered Red Angus.  Andree is very active in the beef community, participating
 in many Cattlewomen and Cattlemen events in the State and the region.

In addition to family and ranch life, Andree has been the driving forces 
building one of the premier FFA chapters in the north state, at Las Plumas
in Oroville, where she has taught for six years.
For the Butte County Cattlewoman, Andree has revitalized the Beef
Ambassador program.  Seeing that her FFA students compete in both the 
junior and senior divisions.

Her commitment to young people is remarkable, and the Butte County 
Cattlewoman are proud to recognize her as member of the year.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Pfriday Photo Play ; D

"Lets have a little fun, with the old horned cow !"
Nobody gets hurt this way.......LOL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, The Every Day

It was nice having clouds today, a hint of fall this morning and no smoke. 
 It's been weeks since I've seen the Coast range across the valley, or the Buttes.

The big Labor Day weekend is over and in the true tradition 
of the holiday the Starr Family Labored.  Our motto,
"Sunday Is Just One More Workday Till Monday"

The kids came up and helped on the new cabin.  Perfect son-in-law Cory 
ran tractor, while JS and son Shane put in French drains.
 Daughter Dawn and I, fetched pipes and lunch.  That evening, we
attended the annual dinner put on be the La Porte Snowmobile Club.
It was really good, pulled pork, chicken, baked potatoes, all the fixings,
plus beer and wine tasting.  Lots of good people to visit with.

Nothing out of the ordinary going on around here.
Weekends spent in the mountains, working on the cabin, 
cutting wood and cleaning the property.
Weekdays, spent doing, the everyday things, that we all do "Every Day"

Watering................... horse pasture, orchard, garden, yard.
Water and feed dogs, water and feed horse, water and feed JS.

Cattlewomen's and me ladies club just started back up
and in a couple of weeks the push will be on to clean the 
orange orchard, getting it ready for harvest.

The truth is, it's kind of  "BORING"  around here.