Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Happy Birthday JS"

JS is counting decades, he turned 60 on Monday.
The kids and I had a small party for him Sunday afternoon.
Just family and our good friends form across the road.
Our little group spent the afternoon on the back patio enjoying the 
beautiful weather, food, Sangria and each other.
JS was very happy with his small party and his big gift.

What do you get a man that's pushing senior citizen age?
"A Redneck Scooter" 
That night when it was just the kids and us, I asked JS if he was
happy with his gift, he said he loved it and was relieved.
He thought I had gone out and bought him a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Cory, our son-in-law said
"Yeah!! A Harley Davidson and really big life insurances policy"
We had a good laugh at that.



Laura Bottom said...

Happy Birthday JS!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday!!! We have a similar one and we use it all the time!

lisa said...

Happy Birday! That is some gift, more useful than a Harley!

Lori D Rodgers said...

Like a fine bottle of wine, we get better with age. Happy Birthday J.S.
Sam - call me to add this wonderful toy.........LOL

Janice said...

Yes Happy Birthday...great gift....somehow my mind keeps wandering back to the Harley.I couldn't ride one of those anymore....however they have some beautiful Harley Trikes...........