Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Winter is Coming"

Mornings have been wonderful, crisp, with that heavy fall feeling and smell.
  Not quite long sleeve weather.  The trees around the house are turning a
 lighter green, as they do each year before showing their beautiful colors. 
 Orchard is full of does and babies, their spots verily showing now.
  They don't wonder far, when I walk threw, only moving over a row or two.  
Many of the little birds that spent the summer here and raised families are gone. 
 Noted by the quiet. 
 As the days grow shorter, I welcome, sweaters, pots of soup,
hot cups of tea in the evening, fresh baked anything and 
"The Game of Thrones"


Crystal said...

I too enjoy fall, especially after a good frost when there are not too many bugs out and the weather is decent and everything seems so quiet.

Shirley said...

Cooler mornings and evenings, the beginning of fall colors... yeah, winter isn't too far away- but NOT YET!

lisa said...

Do we really have to say the "W" word?!