Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Kicking Back on a Sunday Afternoon

"In My Dreams !!!"
The construction foreman and the farm foreman at this outfit, are often at odds
 with each other.  It's a constant tug-a-war of priorities, time, and a tractor.
Sometimes it's a matter of muscles, me needing JS's muscles.
So, when help is offered you don't complain about the day or the time.

The big valve to the orange orchards waterline, has been needing to be replace
 all summer.  Last week when Shane mowed, the box around the valve pushed
 down and broke the main waterline for the irrigation.  After digging and cutting,
things apart, a trip to town for parts was in order.  Nothing like going to town on 
Sunday, covered with dirt and looking your best.

We wondered around the hardware store for a while and then to Tractor Supply, 
where JS got side tracked be a shiny new vice.  With parts in hand we headed 
home,  to the task awaiting us.  By now it's mid afternoon and Hot!!!
You would think with 700 orange trees in an orchard there would be shade???
NO !!!  Never Go's That Good. 

JS fitted everything together and I cut pipe, it fit perfectly. 
 What more could a girl ask for.

"A Bath"