Friday, September 30, 2011

Married to Monty Hall

Lets face it if your going to be in business you have to be a salesmen.

And JS is a wheeler dealer.
He's good at dealing with people and putting projects 
together that seem impossible.

It's just that sometimes I'm not sure about his methods?
I understand being in construction how one would trade for
trucks, equipment, tools and even property in the deal.

It's the boats (3), cars (5), livestock racks a horse ( that we still have )
camp trailers, a roster.......yes as in chicken and furniture that has turned my 
upstairs in to a mini storage, that makes my eyes roll into the back of my head.

The words, "But it's good, someone can use it"

"Someone" not living in my garage !!!!!

I just wish he would quit dragging it home and 
parking it in the front yard.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stills, First Signs of Fall

Part I

If your up in the mountains the Dog Wood are the first to 
welcome Spring and first indicators of Fall.
Their beautiful red leaves start to appear little be little as the days 
cool and by the first frost they will be scarlet red, from top to bottom.
Like lace drapes that move with the wind, between the steadfast pines and firs.

Part II

On the valley floor, Fall is signaled by the rice harvest, and 
in the Sacramento Valley rice is king.  It starts with the draining of
 the checks, and soon the emerald green field will be as dry and yellow
 and the surrounding landscape.  No longer supported by water, the rice 
heads curve and the fields begin to lay down and dry,
awaiting the harvesters.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Last Pictures From Modoc

It's a good life being a antelope in Modoc county.
This band  was all bedded down when we spotted them
out in the middle of this alfalfa field, south of Alturas. 

This one was standing out all my it's self feeding.
   It took quit a while to get him to turn his head

And when he did I knew he was the main man.
Do you think their eating good, what a fatty. 

It took awhile to get the bucks attention, but not the girls.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just For Fun

You don't see one of these everyday.
Friday before Mom and I left Alturas, we met Uncle Ed and Clayton
for coffee.  They had horses loaded, on their way to check cows and move a ladies 
bull that was on the wrong side of the fence.  As we visited three hot air
 balloons, appeared in the sky, making for some pretty funny
coversation as they flew bye.

After our goodbyes we headed out of town and spotted one of the
 balloons in a field, so we pulled off into the wildlife area to what else,
take pictures....LOL

While watching the balloon deflate, we spotted deer and also noticed the
 geese were not flying in formation, but all over like they didn't
quite have their sea legs or air legs?

We decided they were youngsters in flight school.
It was a nice moment to finish off our time in Modoc.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Stills, On The Road

This weeks challenge "Roads"

The first three are all in the Warner Mountains,
in the north east corner of California. 

The Bridges are where the railway and the road
cross over the Feather River and the last is the tunnel threw
 Elephant Butte in the Feather River Canyon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Surprise Valley and Warner Mountains

Just got home, Mom and I were in Alturas the last few days
visiting my Uncle Ed, Mom's younger brother.

Thursday Ed took us on a "Guided Tour"
Heading north, pass Davis Creek over Fandango Pass that 
crosses the Warner Mt., it amazes me how the high desert go's
right into timber.  At the top you can see Surprise Valley.
A long narrow valley, mostly taken up by the three alkali lakes,
but along the edges are old homesteads, ranches with fat cows
 and hay field.  Some of my dad's family still live in the valley.

I would have taken a lot more pictures but !
"Ed" said I was beginning to be a pain in the but.
He was doing the driving.

When we got to the valley floor, we drove up to Fort Bidwell at the
 far north end and turned around (that's all there was) south past 
the big town of Lake City, (don't blink) on threw  Cedarville and Eagleville.  
It was after Eagleville, that we took the wrong road.  You see most 
of Modoc county is gravel road except the main highway and 
only have forestry markers "AND ED SAID HE KNEW THE WAY"
Anyway, we ended up at the Emerson trail head. Nice spot for 
camping and to see the antelope.

Now on the right road, we were headed back threw the Warner's 
again, to Likely.  It was fun listening to Ed tell us whose cows we were
passing and stories of the people who owned them and were their home 
ranches were.  He pointed out placed he and JS  had been hunting 
and were JS had helped him gather cattle.

We dropped into a place called Blue lake........."Beautiful" then followed
 Parsnip Creek to Jess Valley where I took the pictures of all the horses.

Uncle Ed says he likes it here.....
"Their are more cows then people and that's how I like it"

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts, Horses

I could set and watch horses grazing for hours on end.
They quiet my soul and warm my hart.

Sam Starr

Friday, September 9, 2011


Still at it like my butts on fire, but thought I'd stop and say hi.

Wanted to share these beautiful flowers from the meeting 
Wednesday night, (all went well)   Laurie my VP, brought
 them to put in the center of the food table and was kind enough
 to leave them for me to enjoy.  "Thank You Laurie"

FYI.....I did have a big glass of wine after the meeting, when
 everyone was gong.......I slept goooood      ;)))))

Spent most of the day in town yesterday.  Working in the yard
today and that's the plan for Saturday and Sunday too.
The dang north wind is picking up, hope it doesnt last all weekend.

Need to get back at it, just stopped to say hello.
Have a Great Weekend.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Mountain Visit or Hey!..... I'm Here!

Hello, did you miss me?...........LOL
I haven't gone any where.   We did spend the long 
weekend at the cabin, lot of fun with family and friends.  

Just to much to do and I'm running behind as always.
I also discovered it's hard to get things done with a camera in you
 hands and since I'm a two handed camera gal, something had to go.

Besides the everyday obligation's, I'm the new president of sorority. 
Our first meeting is tomorrow night. 

Also, trying to get things around so Mom and I can go to Alturas 
next week for a few days.  And the Sunday after I get back, JS and 
I are hosting the Cattlewomen's and Cattlemen's BBQ. 
 Guess who's cleaning her yard, house and anything else she can think of,
that moves or doesn't move.

"So".......blogging is going to be a little hit and miss for the next two week.

 I'll visit with you when I can........Take Care.