Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Stills, First Signs of Fall

Part I

If your up in the mountains the Dog Wood are the first to 
welcome Spring and first indicators of Fall.
Their beautiful red leaves start to appear little be little as the days 
cool and by the first frost they will be scarlet red, from top to bottom.
Like lace drapes that move with the wind, between the steadfast pines and firs.

Part II

On the valley floor, Fall is signaled by the rice harvest, and 
in the Sacramento Valley rice is king.  It starts with the draining of
 the checks, and soon the emerald green field will be as dry and yellow
 and the surrounding landscape.  No longer supported by water, the rice 
heads curve and the fields begin to lay down and dry,
awaiting the harvesters.


Linda said...

I love the reds of fall.....we get more yellow here. I've never seen rice.....does it get gold as it ripens?

Crystal said...

I learn something new everytime I go here, I never knew rice was grown in California!

Shirley said...

It seems so odd that the hills are dry and brown, and the fields of rice are so wet. Like two different climate, one natural, one man made.

henrygl said...

great posts and i loved the 1st 2 shots in part II. My home state is one of the top in production of rice in India :)

2browndawgs said...

Great pictures. Sure looks like Fall is underway.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Pretty photos, very interesting about the rice:)

Firas said...

Very calm valley floor!

Just Ramblin' said...

These are gorgeous : ) Interesting info as well.