Friday, March 15, 2013

The Nevada Experience and Picon Punch at the Martin

The next two days, Cindy and I never pick up a camera.
"The Nevada Photography Experience " had shifted gears,
Friday and Saturday would features the headliner photographers
Barbars Van Cleve, Mark Hayward, CJ Hadley and Cynthia Baldauf,
were my favorites.  Reminiscing bout their  start in photography
  and how they became involved with "Shooing The West"
Oh!   and they all seemed to have a Picon Punch story.

Other featured events  were Winnemucca in Black and White,
Great Basin College Photo Project,  Winnemucca Alphabet,
Give It Your Best Shot show and photo contest, and 
Range magazine's Outback 2013 Photo contest,
that Cindy received credit for her entry in the awards ceremony. 
"Great Job Sis"

Presenters Gallery  were the artist work was show cased.
Book signings, Venders Allie  where we met Ruth Rubelt,
a ranch gal from Vale Oregon.  Ruth makes beautiful frames,
like the one holding my poster signed by "Barbara"
Brenn Hill concert was held Friday night, great show!

Saturday, our last night....... we had heard so many stories about
the Winnemucca Hotel, no longer open and The Martin , still
a hot spot  and "Picon Punch", so The Martin it was.  
Besides we needed to further our restaurant hobby.

A wonderful old Basque family style restaurant.
Don't be shy, grab an open chair at any table, they pack um in.
The food was amazing the you could feed a small army,
on the bread, soup, salad, carrots, potatoes and hominy,
that was put our before you even got to the main course.
"Best Lamb Chops Ever'  ...... sorry mom

Yes we ordered a Picon Punch.
The stories we heard, where of people drinking 3 and 5 
in one evening.  We each got though one....with dinner.
Nether one of us drinks much hard liquor, we're going to have
 to toughen up if we're going to hang out with this bunch.

Sunday morning as we headed home we decided the reason, 
so many pioneer women went mad, is because the damn wind 
blows all the time, other then that we had a great time in 

"Thank You !!  Cindy for inviting me along."


Linda said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. I'd have gone along to see if their wind can beat ours ;)))))

gtyyup said...

WoW...what a great experience...lucky you!!!