Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Today is the first day of spring and by the time you read
 this our first grandchild will have come into the world.
Miss Kinley Grace aka "Biscuit"

I've been saying the same prayer everyday.

"Dear God, Please let this little one come in to the world healthy,
Ten fingers, ten toes, everything working and in the right places.
Let her be smart and kind and with two sets of fat cheek.
One set at each end and happy."

I don't have to pray for her to be loved,
her Mama and Daddy have that covered.

"Thank You God"


gtyyup said...

Congratulations...I'm sure your prayers will be answered~

Shirley said...

Welcome to the world, little beloved one!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thank You !!!!!