Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is the feed shed / tack room / winter catch all.  We keep all the
 supplies for the orchard, feed and tack, chainsaws, you name it and
 those things that just don't quite go any where else and mice.
So, each year I drag everything out of it and clean.

Last year I put up the shelf unit, but used old board out of the 
scrap pile.  I decided to put new boards up this year.

"What's that you say ?........Why yes!  I am married to a carpenter."

That's why I have my own tools................LOL

This isn't a big project, but any time you put your mind to it
 and accomplish a goal, it sure feels good.


Crystal said...

Looks good, I should have you come out and redo my greenhouse. I could probly do it if I knew what I wanted, thats the hardest part!

lisa said...

Great job. I have my own tools also, the hubby keeps all his in his truck so when he leaves on Monday for the week they go with him and sometimes its hard to find a darn hammer even!

Shirley said...

Nicely done. I have been eying my tack room, it needs a thorough cleaning/organizing..... sigh... I could probably find the time but I'm so darn sore right now that it will have to wait.

Linda said...

I need to do both the tack room and my garden shed. I did the shopping for the "stuff" but haven't got around to the actual work yet:( I have my own tools too...because I'm NOT married to a carpenter;)