Friday, May 4, 2012

 We had a great time at Mendon's Nursery yesterday,
even in the rain.  It didn't stop us form shopping but,
it did put a "damper"  (Ha Ha)  on the photo taking.

Mostly I bought veggies, herbs and an artichoke plant to 
replace the one the gophers got.  Lemons cucumbers, 
stage, oregano, Italian parsley. 
 This is new, Hot and Spicy Oregano.

and Mom, found these Black Cherry Tomatoes. 

Also bought these two beautiful Rhododendron's.

and look at this pretty, already blooming in my back yard.

Hope you get to spend sometime outside.
"Have a Great Weekend."


Linda said...

I'm a tad jealous. I did buy a couple of Mandevilla's but its WAY to early to put them out. I got them because they're new up here and last year they only had a few.

Crystal said...

I went plant shopping yesterday too! Hoping it gets warm soon so they can go in the ground.