Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts

I have lots to write about, like the garden club coming last Sunday,
Cattlewomen hosting the Calif. Beef Ambassador contest,
and the everyday things around here, but the time seems to get 
away from me.      "I'll get to it ........I will"

Yesterday JS sent me to a job up Pentz road and on the way home,
 I took the Table Mountain Rd.  These little  babies where hanging out
 on the fence line and I couldn't resist stopping for pictures.

Mom and I are going with our friend Patty today to Paradise.
That's a real Mendon's Nursery.
Heaven on earth for all gardeners here in Butte.


Tomorrow and Saturday, my ladies group is having our
rummage sale fund raiser, and Daughter Dawn and I are
going to participate in a Cancer Walk.

I think, I need a few more days in my week....   ;))


Crystal said...

Aww babies! It sure sounds crazy busy around there but also lots of fun!

Shirley said...

Busy is good! Cute foals.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I need about ten days in my week..there is not enough of me to go around..sigh! :)