Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursdays Thoughts, Crossed Paths

Wasn't sure I still had this photo.
Yep! That's me, riding Salty at the 1972/73
California State High School Rodeo Finals,
in Antioch CA.

The reason for searching for the photo, came about when JS and I
 attended the team roping at our county fair a couple of weeks age.
Making our way up the stairs of the bleachers, the face of a women
caught my eye.  She was setting with a group of ladies 
directly behind the seats we had chosen.

I was sure of who she was, but hadn't seen her for more then 40 years.
Yes ... older, but still as I remembered her from my childhood.
I turned and ask "Are you Linda Rosser?"
She smiles and answered "Yes"

If your a rodeo fan then you know well of the  Flying U Rodeo 
and Cotton  Rosser,  Linda was Cottons first wife,
Mom worked for them in Cottons Cowboy Corral and was
friends with Linda when I was young.

The smile on Linda's face make me realize that she was probably
asked that question many times over the course of a week.
Never the less her answer was gracious.

Telling her who my mother was she smiled even wider.  Asked how mom
was and stated how on earth did I recognize her, that was so long ago.
Not wanting to take her time, I agreed and said how nice it was to see her.

What I didn't tell her is that we had seen each other, 
on the day for this photo.

It was the final go around of a two day event and the top 
three places would go to the National High School Finals.

I didn't have anyone to turn back for me in the cutting class and being
a kid, didn't want to ask those strangers to help.   Luckily when my name
was announced, one of those strangers was Linda.  She recognized my
name and turned the cattle back for me.

I placed Third, the final spot for Nationals.
It would have never happened if not for her.

No I didn't go to Finals, They were in Wisconsin and for most of 
the kids on the west coast it might as well been on the moon.

But on that day the planets were aliened, thanks to Linda Rosser.

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