Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Photo Date with Sister Cindy

Sunday, Cindy call to see if I wanted to go with her to shoot the moon.
Heck Ya!   Photo dates with Sister Cindy are always fun.

She picked me up at 7 and we headed out to the After Bay in the valley,
thinking we would have a wide view of the mountains and open sky's.
Once there, the view wasn't quite as grand as imagined.  Plan B !
Took the road north, till we came to the dirt part of Nelson Ave.
Followed it east, to the top of the ridge, overlooking the  Fore Bay,
Table Mt and the dam.  This was a great spot.

Now, where to setup ?
Lucky for us, there had been a fire.  The fence had been cut for the dozer
to go through.   They even had a nice fire break graded, so we didn't 
have to stand in tall dry grass and a flat spot for our tripods.
Thanks CDF     California Department of Forestry 

After the right spot had been marked (a line in the dirt)
we retrieved our gear.  All setup and ready!
and then the moment we anticipated.

The truth is the moon wasn't all that super and it didn't take long 
for other shiny things to catch our eye.

Fun night, time with Cindy is always great,
 we learned somethings and had a lot of laughs.


PS...   See the little floating things in my photos?
They're not on my lens    :(((((


lisa said...

I love your photo date! Some beautiful pictures.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Are the floaty thing bats! Good bug catchers:)

Shirley said...

The floaty things are most likely on the inside of your camera, you'd have to take the lens off and clean the inside. Not sure what camera you are using, if it is a DSLR it's easy to remove the lens but if it's one of those fixed lens ones you need to take it to a camera shop to get cleaned.