Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Western States Horse Expo 2012

Last Friday I tagged along with Tammy to Sacramento to the Horse Expo.
WOW !!! What an event, everything you can think of for Western or
English riders, or for those who just enjoy horses.  
A little girls dream come to life.

We sat in on a demonstration of "Colt Starting" by Chris Cox.
He had a horse with a lot of bad habits, including throwing itself over
 backward.  By the end of the class, he had it saddle and stepping up on her.

Bernie Traurig member of the USA Equestrian team, was the second 
class we watched.  He demonstrated the different positions for jumping.

There were plenty of venders to sell, tack for your horse or tack for you.
with or without "Bling"  Lots of bling, it became a joke.

"Why work your horse in the arena, when you can work your horse on the corner"

There was everything to put in your horse, on your horse or put your horse in.
Feed, barns, saddle makers, book writers, artist and stuff
Tammy had to explain to me.
"Man !!!.....I'm I .......Old School"

This was cool!  Grow your own feed in a box.
Simple version.....put barley seed in one end and in six days,
it comes out the other side as sprouts for your horse.   

And of course horses,  every size, shape, color and breed.
It was a great day and I had fun. Saw a lot of nice things and horses.
"Thank You Tammy"


Crystal said...

Oh that sounds so fun! I have never heard of feeding barley sprouts to horses though.

Shirley said...

Horse expos are the best! Looks like you found some cool stuff- those hats are stylin', and check out those stirrups!

lisa said...

I love horse expos, even though I rarely get to go to one!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Ladies........it was a blast !!
I liked the hats, but they started at $200.00. Their was some pretty cool stuff and some things just made me question peoples good since....LOL

Tj and Mark said...

I've wanted to go, but I now think the excess might be a bit much