Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Horsing Around

Last week I started helping my friend Tammy with her two yearlings.
You might remember the story I posted last year. 
 I would give you the date and title of that post if I could have found it.
"Note to self, a good reason for labeling post"


Tammy sent Cole and Zoe to a trainer for 30 days for basic training 
and what a nice job he did.  They lead, back up, load in the trailer, 
you can tie them, pick up their feet, touch their heads and brush their tails, 
the things that make life easy.  They're still babies and will be doing
 baby things for awhile I'm sure, but their not trying to set in your lap.


The past week we had them going threw a course that Tammy
had set up.  Plus loading and "backing" out of the trailer and one 
night we made them stand in one place for about 15 minutes.

Sunday we took them to their first horse show.
No allusions about taking home blue ribbons and prices.  This was
 all about getting them comfortable riding in the trailer, being
 away from home and each other and socializing them to the elements.  
"Other horses, moving vehicle, moving kids, moving dogs,
loud noises and moving loud noises."

No small animals, children, yearling or yearling handlers were
hurt during this experiment.  It wasn't a piece of cake, but there 
were no wrecks and we weren't  told not to come back....LOL
All and all a successful day.

We each showed in two halter classes.  Tammy showed Cole and
 I showed Zoe.           "This was our competition!"
Not that we were their competition, but they knew we were in the ring!

I threw this photo in for fun.  Real tail or fake tail ? 
It's fake, they put extensions on them. 
 Has to be a "California" thing

This is just for fun also.  I ride western,
 but I kind of like the little stairs.
Tammy has the two signed up for another show in July.
I'll keep you posted.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a good experience for those babies to get out and about.

Shirley said...

Nice looking paints. Those small shows are perfect for showing baies the ropes.
I'm not a fan of tail extensions..... what's next, mascara for horses?

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Ladies, Fun little local show. I couldn't believe it! "Fake Tails!!"

lisa said...

Just beautiful! I was one not to show but she sure has some pretties! What Shirley said sure had me laughing.

Far Side of Fifty said...

LoL with Shirley..that tail looks so perfect. My daughter used to braid her horses mane and tail:)