Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursdays Thoughts, Fire Season

Every year Californians live with fire season and for the most part 
the majority of us are spared.  We've all heard about the Colorado fires and 
the many homes that have burned.   In the North stare we have the Tehama fire
and the Stonyfore and Sites fires in Glen and Colusa counties.  Two this week 
in our neighbor hood. But have you heard of the fires in Montana or the countless 
others.   All fire is bad, even when there is no lose of life or homes.

Today I would like you to go to "Go West Feral Woman" read her last three
post about the fire that went through their place and the miracle that happened there.

Also go to "Loves Ranch Life and More" where Judy talks about helping neighbors 
If you could, take a little time to pray for those devastated by the fires or who are still
 facing them and for the men and women who put theirs selves in harms why to fight them

"It Could Be Us"  


Tj and Mark said...

Will do some praying

Janice said...

Hi Sam,thanks for all your visits.I'm just getting caught up with some of my favorite blogs. It's a horrible thing all those fires....I'm grateful Janice and her loved ones over there in Montana are OK....and hoping everyone else in the same situation comes out OK too.What a terrible experience to live through.
Your cabin location looks beautiful, I am looking forward to reading and seeing the progress on it. I loved your Fourth of July parade pics...nice way to spend the day.