Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Stills, In The Air

This should be tiled "Over the Water", instead of  "In the Air".
These two babies where all by themselves, no mama in sight.

They would take quick fights around in circles and come
 to the shore and stand awhile, never leaving each others side.

It bothered me that they were alone and so young.
Their is a pair of nesting Eagles at Little Grass Valley lake
and I know what happens to the baby geese.

Never the less, they where fun to watch.

If anyone knows what they are?  They stand about 14 inches high.
  I have never seen them before, or adults that look like them.


lisa said...

Very cool!

Ed said...

No idea what they are but they are neat birds, great shots..:-)

Eva said...

No idea what they are, but they look really nice flying together like that.

WildBlack said...

Good looking birds and well captured :)

5 Starr's Farm said...

Thank You .........

dibear said...

Great shots. I bet these fellas are either cranes or ibises. Pretty birds. :)