Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Redneck Fourth Of July

Saturday La Porte hosted it's annual July 4th celebration.
This little town of "26" had a population boom of about 2,400.
Every town resident , cabin owner and camper in a 30 mile 
radius came to enjoy the day.

There's something for everyone, bakes sales, crafts, dog show,
cold drinks and food.  Or stop in at Riley's Bar for a cold one,
standing room only.

The main event is the parade on main street.
It's a mix of rednecks, bikers, flatlanders and mountain folk, 
just having a good time.

And if you missed something, it will come back around.
The parade make three loops around town and I do 
mean around the town before it's done.

Friend Robin

Daughter Dawn

The Snowmobile Clubs Tri Tip dinner at the firehouse, 
finishes off  a great day.



lisa said...

Very nice, my kinda parade! Happy 4th.

Crystal said...

I wishe we found something like that, we stayed in San Marcos were told it was gonna be a good event and all it was was some vendors and sitting around till fireworks. Thought we would see much more, but we shoulda gone to a smaller town I guess.