Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Running Strings

JS has a new love!  Last August I wrote about the logging on the 12 acres
we bought in the Plumas National Forest.  This year we are starting a new Cabin.

JS gets gitty when he has a new project.  He's been building custom homes  
for 36 year, building other's dreams and ideas.  He likes what he does, but from
 time to time needs to build something of his own.  I  think it rejuvenates him, 
to be able to have a project of his own ideas, where be can do what he wants.
In a funny way it acutely relaxes him.

"As relaxed as a man with his ass on fire can be"

With all the "High Tech" hoopla home building has become and of course "Green".
It still starts with the simplest of all skills,   "Running Strings"

This is the process of finding and marking the corners of the structure, making 
sure the walls are over the footing dug in the ground ( that always helps)
 and making sure it's "square". 
 This is maybe the single most important part of building.

The concrete foreman go's over the plans and calls out the
 measurements to the crew.

It is checked and rechecked several times.

The batter boards have to be strong and can't move.  That way when the 
strings are pulled tight, there is no give.  The strings are the actual 
outside wall measurements of the structure.

Everything has to be right.  Tearing out concrete after it's poured and hard
is no! option.  If your foundation isn't square, nothing else in the project
 is going to be square ether.

Making for very unhappy sub contractors and your finish man.
Make sure those strings are right.


Linda said...

Its going to be fun watching the cabin "grow". Keep us posted.

lisa said...

I agree with Linda! Will be exciting to watch how it comes along. My dream home is to have a log home someday! The hubby would love to know how to do that himself.

Far Side of Fifty said...

This will be fun to watch! When we built our home I think we ran string and adjusted for a couple of days! At least it seemed like it! Congrats on your new build! :)