Friday, July 27, 2012

The Summer Quiet

It's this time of the year, I call the summer quiet.
JS and the crew leave in the early morning and 
all day it's just me and the four legged kids, on the 18.
Me the dogs, one "old" horse , a bunch of turkeys, deer, 
a ratty jack rabbit and the quiet.

Spring is beautiful but noisy.
Tractors and mowers, chain saws and blowers,
hustle and bustle of everyone cleaning up after winter.
Finishing old projects and starting new before the summer heat.

I don't mine summer, now that I'm older.
It use to be that we worked out under the sun all day,
with the farmers tans to prove it.  Now it's out with the first light
 in the cool of the morning, coffee in hand.
  Love that moment just before the sun peeks over the ridge.
Mourning doves coming into water, quail scurrying along the edge
of the orchard.  Silhouettes of turkeys or deer under the olive trees.  

As the cool of morning becomes the mid day heat, I shade up in
 the house and head back out in the evening to tend garden or help JS.
Our farmers tans are not as dark as they use to be.

I've never minded being alone.
I'm easily entertained by what ever creature crosses my path.
Staying busy is no hard task, there is always things to do and 
by the time you get caught up they'll be ready to do all over again.
The majority of the summer is spent tending water, trying to keep
 orchard, garden and yard green or at least alive.

I like the quiet of summer, just not the heat.


Shirley said...

You nailed it! Only I'd have to add quality horse time in there.

5 Starr's Farm said...

I agree......... :)

Crystal said...

I love summer, and the heat never used to bother me, but this year the humidity is brutal!