Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Our Marriage Is Like JS's Truck" By Sam Starr

Yesterday was our 35th wedding anniversary.
JS took me to Chico to Sierra Nevada Brewery, our favorite restaurant. 
 Fish and Chips and a cold beer, then a stop at Ron's Drive Inn
 for a ice cream cone.   Of course a date night with JS wouldn't be complete with 
out a stop at Meek's Lumber the the welders.

I was trying to think of some clever way to sum up our marriage.
All I could think of was JS's truck?      Romantic no.....   but it fits.

"Our Marriage Is Like JS's Truck"
By Sam Starr

Not flashy or much to look at, but runs good and dependable.
Built before GPS, it's taken a few wrong turns, back roads and 
has passed up it's destination more then once.
Scratched up, no major dents and still has both bumpers.

The guy driving has his ass on fire, running up and down the road
with no seatbelt, yelling on the phone "I'll be right there in 5 minutes"
reinsuring his passenger that he's slowing down and getting better.
The gal in the passenger seat is just trying to keep the load from falling off
and pedestrians from getting ran over, all the while looking for the door handle
to get off this wild ride, so she can put the fire out and catch her breath.

The windshield's impossible to see out of and the dash is covered with Taco Bell 
and Jake's Burgers wrappers.  Odometer turned over twice, mirrors are never
 adjusted so you can see what's in the other lane, back seats full of baggage
and the brakes are hot !

But it keeps rolling down the road. 
 Few close calls with the ditch but not wrecked. 
I don't think we'll be trading it in for a new model.
"It's Built Ford Tough"

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lisa said...

That was great! Happy Anniversary!