Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July on the Fly

Fourth of July weekend came and went so fast.  It was fun having all the kids in the mountains, just enjoying each other company.  I must say their a fun bunch to be around and The Biscuit had no shortage or attention.
Lots of food and laughs  ( no photos ?)   Can't believe I didn't take a single shot of Baby in her cute little Red, White and Blue out fits...... Shame on Nanna !!!  We had the crew working at the new cabin and it was all I could do to keep up.   The kids even did the cooking a cleanup all weekend, thank you, that was a treat

New cabin is all framed, holes drilled for the utility pipes (power, gas, septic, water) Holes are dug for the septic thanks and the propane tank to be buried.   The roof is being cut and stacked this week and concrete for the frond porch poured.  A lot done in three weeks time.  Besides weekends, JS has only run up the mountain two (three) time in the middle of the week?  Not looking forward to the fuel bill.................

A mile stone this month, Daughter Dawn has gone back to work, leaving 
The Biscuit in the hands of grandmas and daycare. Last week was pretty rough....
."On mama, baby, grandmas and daycare lady"but The Biscuit is now bottle broke !!!
( some what )
  I don't know if it "Takes a Village" but a few bottles of wine sure helped......... ;D

The heat wave is over, the orchard got a little stressed by the endless heat, 
been double irrigating and the trees are looking good. 
 What else can I say ....... It's summer !
 Days are to long, nights are to short, it's hot, the year is half over and on it go's.

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