Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Cool Place To Land

Monday is always irrigation day in the big orchard.
I go out early turn on the water and let it run for a couple of hours.
That way,  when I go back out to walk the rows, I can tell right a way
 the trees that are getting water and the ones I need to work on.

Usually I jump on the quad, ride out, turn on the valve and head bead
 to the house to do morning chores.  Yesterday I walk, taking the camera
 along to get shots of the turkey babies.

After the turkeys got fed up with me stalking them and flew off,
I started back to the house and came upon this young hawk.
It was surprising that he didn't fly away and actually set there for quite awhile.

At first I thought he had caught breakfast, as he 
kept looking down at the ground.   Then realized, there was a pin hole 
in the water pipe and he was standing in the mist of water spraying out of it.
With all the extreme heat, he managed to fined a cool place to land.


lisa said...

That last picture is pretty neat, not very many people can get that kind of picture.

Crystal said...

Smart little hawk! And baby turkeys are funny, lol

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