Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cabin Update, One Floor At A Time

Work started on the cabin again this last week.  The downstairs,
basement has been framed for awhile and then we had to pull the 
crew off to do the paying jobs... got to pay bills and eat.
We're fortunate that our company has a good amount or work 
for the summer, so much so, that JS and I even talked to some framing
 contractors to do our cabin, but decided against it....
"quite frankly we have the best framing crew!!!!"

Being it was a Holiday week, the crew didn't want to 
lose hours and after the heat wave the week before they were
 plenty glad to work in the mountains.

They started Monday and JS and I came up Wednesday Night after
 work.  They had the second story ( the main floor) all framed.  
 The next step was to put up the floor trusses for the third story. 
"Third Story ....... JS doesn't do small".

They'll be working on the cabin all this week to get as much done as they can,
like I said, got to take care of the paying jobs.
They'll be back, we have a truck full of windows setting in Sacramento
and this things got to be closed in by winter.

"Please No Early Snows This Year"


Gail said...

Great progress

Linda said...

That's NOT a cabin but I'd take it any day ;)

Blondey said...

A dream coming true! So happy for you guys.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are going to have great views out those windows..but I wouldn't want to keep them clean! Looking good! :)

Crystal said...

Wow so cool, but I have to agree with Linda, not a cabin!